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Be Visible, Credible and Profitable With Videos

Video marketing is thriving and videos are now used for all sorts of purposes. By using them, companies make themselves more visible, credible and profitable.

Videos make companies more visible, credible and profitable

Videos are modern, attention grabbing, and highly effective for companies who use them. They’re now less expensive to make, and they might be impossible to beat for sales, marketing, recruiting, training, branding, motivating, reporting, fundraising, sharing testimonials, and many other purposes.

To define these words in the context I’m using them, here are definitions:

  • Visibility – Helps eliminate “out of sight, out of mind”.
  • Credibility – The more companies are seen and heard, the more people feel they understand their value and purpose.
  • Profitability – When companies are visible and credible while offering good products and/or services, they are usually rewarded with increased revenue.

Using videos is well worth the time and money it takes to have them because they provide a venue for companies to create visibility and demonstrate their expertise. In many ways, it’s easier for them to develop a reputation with videos since video marketing products and the internet enable them to build their reputation more frequently.

Also, people in today’s world have become accustomed to videos and choose to spend a lot of time watching them.

With videos, people naturally have an easier time staying focused. When given the choice between only reading, only listening, only watching, or watching a video, almost everyone will choose watching a video because it combines sight, sound, and motion with the ability to say and show more in less time.

Moreover, prospective customers who come to companies after watching their videos have logically progressed down a path where they are ready to spend money. They’ll probably be easier to close than others who haven’t watched a company’s videos, and they’re much more likely to give referrals as long as they are happy with the products or services they receive.

It is better to be found than to find

There is a quote from John Jantsch that says, ”Tis better to be found than to find“.

In the context of this blog, this quote points out the advantages companies enjoy when customers find them as opposed to them constantly having to target and pursue new customers.

People are attracted to videos and often search for them. People also respond well to video content about most topics. When companies use them to remain visible and appear credible, their most likely customers often find them as a result.

Get excellent video marketing products from MediaFast

In business, the combination of audio and visual in videos has an unparalleled effect on viewers regardless of what is being shown.

Videos are highly versatile and have the unique ability to portray circumstances more accurately than written words or motionless images. They also engage more senses and arouse more emotions, which makes messages more interesting and memorable, and smart people in business have been benefiting from this for several years now.

Products such as video brochuresvideo mailersUSB flash drivesPOP displaysCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discsvideo sample boxes and video gift boxes have proven to be highly profitable, and they help companies set themselves apart from competitors.

Also, recipients normally view video marketing products as novelty items rather than throw-away marketing pieces. This increases visibility, credibility, and often profitability rather quickly.

At MediaFast, we only sell products made with brand new, Grade A components. Our extensive experience makes us a great company resource, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We keep our prices affordable as well.

To learn more about the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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