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The is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Kenneth Cole.

Big Retail Adds More Point of Purchase Displays

Big retail companies have started using more Point of Purchase Displays because videos have been added to them. Why? Because sometimes they do a better job of explaining products or services than employees, and consumers typically respond better to them.

Point of Purchase Displays Now Include Videos

Over the past year or so, we’ve had several huge retailers tell us they’ve decided to add more Point of Purchase Displays to their marketing. While they’re aware of how effective POP Displays have been in retail for many years, they’ve learned that videos help them perform even better.

As consumers consider making purchases, many would rather see products or services in action before they purchase them. At the same time, videos are still somewhat novel in retail settings. When videos are included in Point of Purchase Displays, shoppers tend to pay more attention to advertisements and explanations in them, which in turn helps them sell more products or services highlighted in them.

What’s even better for manufacturers is that their own videos typically explain their products or services better than most employees working in retail stores. After all, manufacturers usually know their commodities better but rarely do they train employees working in retail stores that sell them.

On top of that, Point of Purchase Displays are often a company’s last chance in retail settings to influence the decisions of shoppers. With that being the case, they’re typically designed to be the most eye-catching, attention-grabbing marketing tools possible. Videos being included in them helps make that happen.

Adding Videos To Point of Purchase Displays Was Genius

By definition, marketing is everything a company does to gain and maintain customers. Also, the primary goal of marketing is to match a company’s products or services with consumers who want or need them. Understandably, companies who are good at marketing tend to do well financially.

When thinking about Point of Purchase Displays, adding videos to them was genius because they easily skyrocket the attention on products or services displayed in them. With an increase in exposure usually comes an increase in sales, which coincides perfectly with the primary goal of marketing.

In addition, one of the main objectives of Point of Purchase Displays is to help shoppers remember items they want or need but simply aren’t remembering. For example, unless people notice light bulbs while in a store, they often forget they need them until they’re back home. Adding videos to POP Displays simply helps them get more attention, which in turn helps them remind shoppers of things they might be forgetting.

And finally, videos being included in marketing strategies has proven to help companies connect better with consumers in a way they often enjoy more. Truth be told, some of the greatest success stories we’ve heard have been the result of companies who decided to increase the use of videos in their marketing as much as possible.

MediaFast Makes Excellent Point of Purchase Displays

Unique, attention-grabbing Point of Purchase Displays grab attention and improve the experience of shoppers in retail locations. There are simply too many opportunities to waste for companies to allow shoppers to leave before they engage them at least one last time with something too interesting to ignore, and videos make that happen.

Also, when it comes to marketing, doing it in the very place where people typically buy products or services is one of the most inexpensive ways to do it. With increasing revenue in mind, placing a Point of Purchase Display with a video in it in a strategic location is often a great solution.

To learn more about Point of Purchase Displays or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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