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The is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Kenneth Cole.

Big Retailers Capitalize On Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos

Videos are huge in advertising and big retailers capitalize on them frequently. For instance, did you know that as soon as manufacturers learned how to add them to Point of Purchase Displays, big retailers jumped on the chance to use them in their stores? The results were fantastic! Shoppers also loved them, and the boosts in revenue for the products they highlighted were significant.

Why Videos Bolster Point of Purchase Displays

If you think about your life, how often do you watch videos? Three times, five times, or maybe even fifty times per day?

Believe it or not, according to Video Marketing Statistics from invideo, the average person watches approximately 100 minutes of video each day. Of course one movie or a Netflix binge could easily fill that time, but still… thousands of people watch what would be considered traditional videos about people, places or things during that 100 minutes.

With that said, it’s easy to understand why consumers are accustomed to videos. In fact, I find myself often searching for them online when I’m shopping for something I’m not already familiar with. Don’t you? Maybe yes… Maybe no… Either way, it’s a common practice, and retailers know it.

Sooo, with that being the case, it only makes sense for them to love using videos in some of the greatest retail sales tools ever, which are Point of Purchase Displays, and for them to be super effective. Basically, since consumers value them, big retailers increase sales by simply making videos readily available in their stores.

Why Point of Purchase Displays Boost Sales

For store owners, making POP Displays more effective often results in more sales. To do that, the addition of videos has made it happen because they practically act like salespeople. How? Because the video content educates shoppers more effectively than most retail clerks, and consumers are more likely to buy products or services after watching videos about them according to

For example, during most shopping trips, consumers tend to hurry along and pick out the same items they’ve been buying for the past several months… or maybe even years. Meanwhile, research shows that attractive POP Displays sometimes prompt them to stay in stores longer and make more purchases.

On top of that, when store owners help brands promote new products, POP Displays provide an excellent way for them to get noticed. Simply by being there, they often draw enough attention to prompt shoppers to evaluate products in comparison to what they’ve normally been buying. Then they get the chance to determine which is a better option, and then make a purchasing decision from there.

In addition, videos in POP Displays have the ability to grab the attention of shoppers and motivate them to make additional purchases. They also liven up the ambiance in stores, and get shoppers to try new products they might otherwise have never even noticed.

Retail Point of Purchase Display With A Video

Here’s an example of a POP Display used in a retail store. Effectively, ones like this get set on shelves or tables next to the products they’re highlighting, as do ones like the image beside the title of this post. Seeing the video screen is what often draws the attention of consumers, and then the videos work their magic.

At the same time, we’ve manufactured many more traditional looking POP Displays, and the video screens look attractive when mounted as parts of them. Again, the video screens grab attention, and then many consumers simply can’t resist them…

Get Top Notch Point Of Purchase Displays From MediaFast

In the digital world we live in, videos are superstars in marketing. They essentially help all sorts of marketing media become more appealing, and consumers respond to them more often because of it.

With that said, at MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed POP Display with video content will boost sales. Not only will it help products and services stand out from their competitors, but it will also increase revenue for manufacturers and retail store owners.

With that said, ours are top notch because we only use brand new, Grade A components to make everything we sell. That increases reliability, and we also include a one-year full warranty. How’s that for giving you peace of mind?

After reading this, if you’d like to benefit from video content in Point of Purchase Displays like big retailers capitalize on it, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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