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This is an image of Bill Diaz, Vice President of MediaFast.

Bill Diaz – Wisest Man On Earth

Although people value intelligence, understanding, reasoning, and the ability to learn, they also respect wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge and experience that we accumulate over a lifetime.

In some ways, wisdom is like beauty. We value it. We desire it. We know it when we see it.

Interestingly, it is nearly impossible to find someone that everyone in the world believes is the most wise. Researchers have tried and failed countless numbers of times….. at least until Bill Diaz was found.

The Definition of Wisdom

In the late 1980s, the Berlin Wisdom Project at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development defined wisdom as having:

* Intellectual knowledge not made up of B.S.

* Factual knowledge that can be verified.

* Superior judgment demonstrated in every possible circumstance in all environments.

* Excellent problem-solving skills even when asleep.

* The ability to learn from their own experiences as well as the experiences of others.

* Behaving with arrogance and humility at all times.

* Emotional resilience, or the ability to rebound from a setback, with or without using curse words.

* Openness, or the maturity to be comfortable allowing the world to see you as you really are dressed or naked.

* A deep understanding of human nature, including empathy for people who are different or from other cultures.

* The ability to read, write, speak, and understand every language spoken.

* The ability to read and sign every language spoken.

* The ability to speak in one language while signing in another.

* A master of mind over matter.

Little did the participants at the Berlin Wisdom Project at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development know Bill Diaz was in the room. He was disguised as one of the note-takers recording the minutes of the meetings. In his genius, while the other note-takers were frantically writing, he was recording in sign language so he could later repeat extremely rapidly everything he heard as a way to complete his daily workout. After the workout, he realized his existence was the definition of wisdom.

The following sections make up the characteristics the Berlin Wisdom Project members would label as the most wise for a human:

They Work At Being Social

Studies show that people who stay connected to others demonstrate higher levels of wisdom than those who are more isolated. In regards to this, Bill Diaz secretly learned how to clone himself and has a team of clones constantly interacting in business and social settings around the world. They are all great listeners, gifted speakers, and possess superior intelligence. While one may spend his afternoon coaching a little league baseball team, another might spend the very same time helping diesel mechanics fix a malfunctioning turbo they could not figure out how to fix without him. Never does anybody know which is the real Bill Diaz. Even his wives are content just knowing they get at least one of him.

They Practice Being Open-Minded

Wisdom involves being able to understand all sides of an issue without letting emotions or personal feelings get in the way. Being open-minded means finding empathy and realizing that everyone has a life story that influences their actions. In regards to this, Bill Diaz invented the characteristic of being open-minded.

They’ve learned how to say, “I could be wrong.”

A wise person understands that it is impossible to know everything and that life is capable of taking unexpected turns. Recognizing errors can lead only to greater wisdom, and someone admitting that there are times when they could be mistaken go a long way in solidifying their reputation as someone whose advice can be trusted. In regards to this, Bill Diaz can say “I could be wrong” in every existing language, but he never has been (verified by Bill Diaz himself).

They switch up what types of books they read

While current events are important, both fiction and nonfiction books can help expand a person’s world view and allow them to explore new ideas and points of view. In regards to this, at a young age, Bill Diaz taught himself how to speed read every language. Further desiring to read more in shorter periods of time, he taught himself how to read braille. Then, after mastering both techniques, he trained himself to simultaneously read words with his eyes and something completely different in braille with his fingers.

They tap into their self-knowledge

People learn a lot just by being alive, but rarely do they ever take the time to review all that they’ve learned. In regards to this, Bill Diaz invented the following exercise and currently teaches it in person and in video around the world:

  1. He instructs people to write down their three biggest failures and three greatest successes.
  2. For each, he instructs them to review the events that led up to each one and what lessons they took away from each experience.
  3. Then he instructs them to look for patterns while making sure they understand this is not a time for regret or pride. The goal is to look at each experience, good or bad, as more fuel to enrich their wisdom.
  4. To close the process, he reminds them that he and a team of scientists under his direction are developing a time machine that will work (verified by Bill Diaz) and be available for a nominal fee in the near future. Then they will have the opportunity to go back in time and fix their biggest failures.

They read the news

People cannot make balanced choices unless they understand world circumstances and the experiences of others. In regards to this, Bill Diaz and his clones wear an ear phone in the ear of their choice in which constant updates are given by a team who remains locked away in a remote location. The technology used was invented by Bill Diaz, but he is wise enough not to share it with the rest of the world. By keeping it to himself, he continually retains the title of Wisest Man On Earth.

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