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To make the most effective Video Brochure for your company, it should tell a story. Why? Because according to the Harvard Business Review, telling stories is the best way to capitalize on the power of suggestion and persuasion. It also makes things memorable, and consumers enjoy stories. Stories Told In
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Video Point of Purchase Displays have been helping products sell more often in retail stores for several years now. They attract more attention from consumers than traditional POP Displays, and as a result, they’re much more effective. Why Video Point Of Purchase Displays Boost Sales If you are a store
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Your company should use MediaFast Video Mailers because they’ll help it make more money. In addition to getting your videos directly into the hands of your targeted prospects, they’re too impressive to ignore. In some instances, they’re even more effective than face to face meetings. With that said, here is
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Video Brochures produce excellent return on investment because they capture the attention of target audiences. For instance, when salespeople hand out traditional 3-fold brochures, many recipients don’t give them much attention. They don’t pay much attention to flyers and pamphlets either. However, when salespeople hand out Video Brochures, most recipients
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Sending samples and gifts in a Video Box has proven to be an excellent strategy. In addition to being highly impressive, it’s a cutting-edge marketing piece that helps companies keep the clients they already have, or gain new ones. Why A Video Box Is Ideal For Sending Samples and Gifts