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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Boost Retail Sales With A Video Point Of Purchase Display

Do you do marketing or advertising for retail sales? If you do, my guess is you’re aware of how effective video marketing is with today’s consumers. That said, have you thought about using it right in your store(s)?

At this point I’m thinking maybe you have, but my guess is you’re envisioning TVs mounted on walls…or something like that.

Well, what I’m proposing is actually something fairly different. Instead, engineers figured out how to mount video screens in point of purchase displays so consumers can watch videos while they’re in stores looking at products and services. That way manufacturers and marketers can communicate directly with them. Pretty brilliant, huh?

Plus, that strategy resonates more with shoppers than them relying on retail sales employees for information. Not that they don’t know accurate info. It’s just that sometimes you can’t help but wonder…and sometimes they just don’t…and once in a while they’ll tell you they don’t.

If you’re like me, isn’t that appreciated? At the same time, you still need reliable information.

Showcasing Video Point of Purchase Displays

In case you’re wondering what video POP displays look like, here’s a short video highlighting several we’ve created for clients. More details about them will be listed below.

Detailed Info About MediaFast Video POP Displays

First, we have years of experience creating video point of purchase displays for retail stores. From small mom and pop shops to large retail chains like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, and Walmart, we’ve created thousands.

POP displays can boost sales significantly. That said, different retailers have different guidelines that they’re required to follow, and we understand that.

With regards to specifications, video point of purchase displays can come with four different screen sizes: 4″ HD IPS, 5″ HD IPS, 7″ HD IPS, and 10″ HD IPS.

Their cost ranges from $80 to thousands per unit, which is driven mostly by screen size. However, the type of construction material—cardstock, corrugated cardboard, metal, plexiglass, wood, etc.—and quantity ordered both factor in considerably as well.

For instance, a higher price results from a larger screen size combined with more robust material and a lower quantity ordered.

Also, they may be powered by rechargeable batteries, replaceable batteries (standard AA, AAA, D, alkaline), 110v power cords, or a combination of both rechargeable batteries and a 110v power cord. Essentially, where they’ll be placed determines their power source.

With regards to buttons, they can include standard power on and play, chapter buttons, and volume controls. To better understand your vision, we just need to have a conversation so you can tell us how you envision shoppers interacting with the units.

Furthermore, turn-time is typically 14 business days after proof approval for something standard, but it can be up to 6 weeks for more complicated builds. And for video formats, we can work with .MP4, .MOV, and .AVI. If you need others, please check with us.

And finally, we include a one-year full warranty.

Video About Video Point of Purchase Displays

In this day and age, my guess is you probably appreciate videos about as much as most consumers. They’re also sometimes impossible to ignore, which is great for marketing, and watching them feels entertaining. 

With that in mind, it makes total sense that they’re now sometimes found in retail settings. And, while it’s true that consumers can simply use their cell phones to do research, videos being provided where they’re already shopping creates added convenience, and appeal.

Okay, rather than me continuing to give you words to read, I’m thinking it’ll be better to let Bill Diaz, VP of Sales for MediaFast, explain some important points.

Questions For Marketers and Consumers—and You’re Both

Simply stated, video point of purchase displays in retail settings is an excellent idea. Not only do they liven up atmospheres, but when placed strategically, they’ve proven to boost sales significantly.

Thinking about it, here are some questions for you: Who do you tend to trust more when you’re gathering data to make a purchasing decision? Is it retail sales employees, or testimonials from actual product or service users? And what about for more detailed information? Would you rather hear that from a retail sales employee, or the manufacturer?

If you’re like us—and we’re consumers too—you prefer to trust testimonials from actual product or service users. And rather than getting detailed information from retail sales employees, you’d prefer to get it from manufacturers.

So, considering those answers, isn’t it safe to assume your target audience would feel the same? If they do and you’re someone who works in marketing or advertising for retail sales, then video POP displays might be exactly what you need to increase sales for your company.

Get Industry-Leading Video POP Displays from MediaFast

So, why am I using a section heading referring to our POP displays as industry leading? Well, because at MediaFast we only use brand new, Grade-A components to make everything we sell. That ensures the best quality, and it makes our video marketing products extremely reliable. We also include a one-year full warranty.

What’s more, we don’t lock video content on the units. Even though our competitors do, we don’t because we believe our clients should be able to change video content whenever they want, which can be done through a very simple process. Then they don’t have to purchase new units whenever they want to present a different message. And that also saves them time and money.

Plus, we offer a recycling program. All anyone has to do to take advantage of it is send us any video marketing product that they no longer want to use. Then we’ll get it to a manufacturer who will recycle or repurpose it so it won’t just wind up as garbage in a landfill.

After reading this, if you’d like to use a video point of purchase display to boost sales for your company, or to learn more, contact us today.

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