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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Boost Revenue with a Point of Purchase Display

Revenue is the predominant motivation for most businesses, and a point of purchase display can increase it. In fact, when consumers enter a store, a point of purchase display is sometimes the first thing they notice. Smart business owners and marketers have been capitalizing on this for decades.

It was discovered long ago that a sale-oriented, creative POP display in a retail setting can attract the attention of shoppers, increase sales, and improve the overall shopping experience of consumers by adding amusement and variety. A point of purchase display can also remind shoppers of items they might need or want, and they often increase revenue by appealing to the impulsive nature of shoppers.

So, how exactly does a point of purchase display boost revenue?

Impulse buying is a common behavior

Shoppers make a lot of purchases on a whim. People who like to shop enjoy making impulse purchases, and humans like pleasure. They also enjoy discovering products that can help resolve their challenges.

By placing a POP display in an area of high traffic, retailers allow themselves to capitalize on the impulsive nature of consumers. They can boost sales for products that otherwise wouldn’t get nearly as much attention, like sun glasses, and POP displays give shoppers more to look at while they’re browsing for items of interest.

Increase revenue by reminding shoppers of items they want or need

People don’t always have every item they want or need on the top of their mind whenever they go shopping. However, they appreciate being reminded of items they had forgotten about while they’re in locations to purchase them.

Simplicity is another advantage POP displays provide. It improves the overall shopping experience for consumers, and shoppers like having direction and easy access to products they desire to purchase.

For example, toothpaste, moisturizer, light bulbs, shoe strings, and batteries are common items people forget to purchase whenever they’re in retail locations. However, these items are often featured in point of purchase displays so they’ll receive more attention. In addition, candy, toys, pet treats, sun glasses, cleaning supplies, beauty products, and many other non-essentials are purchased a lot more often when they are presented in POP displays rather than mixed in with other products on shelves.

Video content makes a point of purchase display more effective

A point of purchase display should never be boring. If it is, it will struggle mightily to be effective and fulfill its purpose.

In today’s world, mass manufacturers can make almost anything. However, a personalized approach with modern technology and a clever layout tends to perform better, which is precisely why videos have been added to POP displays. By including videos, point of purchase displays get more attention from shoppers and increase sales of products featured in them.

Furthermore, videos have become extremely popular. People love them, and companies who use them have benefited greatly for several years now. They’re versatile, attention-grabbing, and fantastic for engaging prospective buyers. They’re also efficient, interesting and entertaining.

For companies who sell products, including a video in a point of purchase display can be instrumental in getting store owners to agree to display theirs. Good retail managers understand the benefits of keeping their stores fresh and interesting, and they realize consumers sometimes fail to notice new products unless something is in place to attract their attention. As a result, a point of purchase display with a video is often easier to place in stores, and store managers tend to put them in places of prominence to improve the overall shopping experience of their customers.

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