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Boost Revenue With Company Swag

Giving away company swag is extremely effective for companies as they make efforts to boost sales, increase likability, and expand brand awareness.

Basically, by giving consumers something inexpensive they can use, the fundamental purpose of marketing is accomplished. On top of that, the more useful company swag is, the better affects it will produce.

Benefits of giving away company swag

Some of the most common items given away as company swag are t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, water bottles, cups, bags, backpacks, pens, notepads, notebooks, calendars, keychains, coasters, stickers, and magnets. In fact, some people’s favorite t-shirts and hats are ones they received for free from companies simply giving away company swag.

With those items in mind, here are five benefits companies receive for giving away company swag:

  1. Builds trust – Giving away company swag builds trust because companies do it without expecting anything in return. It also helps companies feel more “real” to current and potential customers because, in an age where so much is done online, receiving tangible items engages another sense in humans and strengthens their connection.
  2. Increases brand awareness – This is probably the most obvious reason companies give away swag. Essentially, it enables recipients and others around them to see their brand on a regular basis.
  3. Increases likability – People love FREE, and they usually like people who give them free gifts.
  4. Creates excitement and happiness – Receiving a gift has a way of making people feel excited and happy.
  5. Makes clients feel recognized, appreciated and valued – When companies say “thank you”, or “we care about you”, or “we appreciate you”, it makes people feel good about them regardless of the fact that they might be giving away the same gift to hundreds of others.

In addition to those benefits, giving away company swag also fosters gratitude and brand loyalty. In business, those are often keys to success because it is usually easier for companies to keep their current customers than it is to find new ones.

Reasons to give away company swag

Sometimes giving away company swag is the most cost effective way for companies to promote themselves. Not only does it deliver a consistent, professional image that instills confidence and trust in current customers, but it also makes a brand more visible to potential customers.

One of the greatest benefits companies receive from using apparel as company swag is that when potential customers see it being worn by current customers, they tend to believe the current customers must be happy. If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t wear apparel promoting that particular brand. For example, if someone truly dislikes Pepsi, they probably wouldn’t wear a t-shirt promoting it.

To showcase how effective company swag can be, here are ten statements found online with a simple Google search:

  1. 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional gift with an advertising message
  2. 90% of people currently own or possess an item they received as company swag
  3. 53% of consumers use an item they received as company swag at least once per week (for example, writing pens)
  4. 66% of people can remember the name of a company who gave them a promotional gift during the previous year
  5. 58% of people say they keep an item they received as company swag for between 1 and 4 years (for example, mugs or t-shirts)
  6. 84% of people agree branded merchandise increases brand awareness (for example, stickers or labels)
  7. 85% of consumers do business with a company after they receive a promotional gift from them
  8. There is a 44% increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns when company swag is added
  9. On average, company swag generates at least five referrals from satisfied customers
  10. Promotional gifts are less expensive but more effective for brand recognition than print media, TV or radio advertisements

As these points illustrate, giving away company swag can make a great impact on the affects of marketing and how much revenue a company receives.

Company swag from MediaFast makes companies memorable

Companies become more profitable when they are remembered by their most likely customers at the right moments. When people need or want something, the first thoughts they usually have center around who they know or where they know to get it. It is at those very moments when companies are rewarded the most for their marketing efforts.

In addition to print and video marketing products, we offer some of the best products companies use as swag items to promote themselves. As always, our prices are affordable and quality is our highest priority.

To learn more about company swag or any of the marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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