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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Spencer Properties.

Boost Sales Substantially With A Video Brochure For Your Company

Using a Video Brochure has proven to boost sales substantially for companies who use them. They capitalize on the power of videos to spike interest in products, services, and opportunities as well as connect with prospective customers. Then, when the advertising company shows them how what they’re selling will resolve their problems or improve their lives, discussions go better and sales cycles become shorter.

How Video Brochures Significantly Increase Sales

Let’s face it, with the technology available today, people just don’t read as much anymore. We’re used to videos, and advances in technology have made it to where we can watch them practically anytime and anywhere. Knowing that, our minds are programmed to seek them out online. Then, when we find them, we watch them to learn what we want to learn. Or, if we can only find written text, then we skim it until we see exactly what we want.

At the same time, we are constantly targeted by a massive torrent of advertising, marketing, and branding. Companies want us to hear about this, watch that, consider this, and buy that. To get our attention and make themselves memorable, they use videos, slogans, catch phrases, and jingles that stick in our minds. At the same time, for those of us who are business owners, we’re constantly trying to do the same thing. Capturing the attention of a target audience is a continually evolving process, and it’s vital to our success.

For a business to outperform its competitors, it is often necessary for them to do something different – something that will make a substantial difference. Video Brochures do that. They break through the flood of messages to make sure a company’s targeted prospects watch their videos. By doing so, they succeed at creating a competitive edge. They also benefit from engaging the physical senses of recipients because viewers hold them in their hands. (Can you imagine how much more effective TV commercials would be if people held them in their hands like Video Brochures?) As a result, messages in Video Brochures get heard, felt, and experienced. This makes them multi-sensory, and far more engaging. Translation: Target Audiences find Video Brochures extremely interesting and they’re highly effective when presented to them.

Boost Sales Substantially With A Video Brochure For Your Company

With extreme versatility as a video marketing product, a Video Brochure shares a video with a single flip. As soon as a recipient opens one up, a video message designed with their wants or needs in mind starts playing immediately. There are no wires, no internet connections, and no security concerns for them to worry about. They just consume the message in one of the most convenient ways possible.

As another benefit, Video Brochures are completely customizable to fit the needs of users. All their information is right there along with their video content to communicate with prospects. Units can even have multiple videos, and there can be pockets for them to include printed information as well. Essentially, Video Brochures provide a fantastic way for companies to capitalize on modern technology and get their messages into the hands of their most likely customers.

In essence, the ability of a Video Brochure to engage a potential customer in retail or a targeted prospect in fundraising or recruiting is unmatched. Companies love how much they benefit from using them in marketing campaigns. As well, salespeople love how much they help them make more sales. Simply put, the return on investment with Video Brochures is outstanding.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can boost sales substantially, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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