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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for UNLV—University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Boost Your Product Exposure with a POP Display

A POP Display (point of purchase display) can boost your product exposure to consumers and increase sales.

After you’ve conquered the challenge of getting your product into a retail store, the more it stands out from competitors, the better.

An effective POP Display can make your brand stand out

Whether in Walmart or any other retail store, you may have noticed many brands are lumped together in sections. Also, despite consistent efforts of employees to keep products organized and tidy on shelves, products are often disorganized and untidy because of how often they get handled by shoppers.

Also, crowded products on shelves have a tendency to diminish each brand’s value and often create confusion in shoppers as they try to determine which product is best.

In a world where shoppers have more choices than ever, using a POP display is an excellent way to make a brand stand out from competitors. It also provides a way for products to remain displayed in a more tidy fashion and promote themselves to an even greater extent. With an increase in exposure and perceived value, sales naturally increase with most products.

Additionally, it can be difficult for lesser known brands to compete with the power of big brands. Relying mostly on product packaging usually isn’t a sufficient strategy for lesser known brands to become competitive. However, a POP display provides a way for them to get noticed and become more competitive much sooner.

An effective POP Display can increase your brand’s sales

It can be highly profitable to attract the attention of consumers shopping on autopilot. A good POP display can do just that, and it can also increase the number of impulse purchases your brand receives.

There are two effective POP display strategies to be aware of with this in mind. One is a POP display on a shelf, which is smaller, and the other is a bigger POP display positioned on the floor.

While they both increase attention, bigger is often better in marketing, and this is definitely true with POP displays. The advantage of using a bigger point of purchase display on the floor is that it forces shoppers to look at a particular product without being distracted by competitor’s brands at the same time usually located nearby.

Also, an effective POP display can be highly effective at helping people remember products they need to purchase when they might have forgotten (like batteries or light bulbs). It can also be effective at causing people to buy products on impulse (like candy or beauty products).

Regardless of the product being sold, an effective POP display can attract the attention of shoppers, persuade them to buy a particular brand instead of its competitor’s, boost sales, and give a brand better marketing.

Why your company should use a POP Display

One of the biggest advantages a POP display creates is it provides a place for companies to give a unique sales presentation showcasing their product’s benefits directly to their most likely customers.

In addition, it can help a company’s existing customers find their product so much easier without them being tempted by another.

In support of point of purchase displays, here is an eye-opening statistic from Catalpha Advertising & Design: The use of temporary POP displays increase sales by 23.8%.

Here are more supportive statistics for POP displays from Supermarket News:

  1. 68% of shoppers say in-store messages sway their product purchasing decisions.
  2. 82% of purchasing decisions are made at the time of purchases.
  3. 34% of shoppers do not make any sort of shopping list.
  4. 62% of shoppers do not use media from mail, newspapers, magazines, TV advertisements, or digital devices to plan their shopping.
  5. 96% of supermarket shoppers make at least one purchase that is in some way affected by a POP display.

At MediaFast, we make POP Displays better with videos

People love videos, and they’re everywhere. As a way to make POP displays even more effective, we add videos to the POP displays we produce.

Videos engage more senses in humans and significantly increase attention to marketing messages. Also, research has revealed humans remember up to 65% more when audio and visual are combined in marketing presentations.

In retail settings, videos sometimes make sales themselves. Consumers tend to stay in stores longer where videos are being played because they add energy, and videos have a tendency to make retail locations more entertaining.

At an opportune moment, a POP display can grab the attention of a shopper and ultimately motivate them to purchase a product they otherwise might not have purchased. It may be a seller’s last chance to convert someone who is browsing into a buyer.

By adding videos to POP displays, we make it even more likely that they’ll get noticed and their messages will be seen and heard by shoppers when they are already in the mood to spend money.

To learn more about POP displays or our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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