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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for We Are 2C.

Buy Video Brochures From Us – The Right Choice

Video brochures have produced outstanding ROI for several years now. They might be unbeatable as a way for companies to engage targeted prospects, and buying them from MediaFast is the right choice.

Obviously the previous statement is debatable, but the feedback we’ve received from customers and prospects causes us to believe it’s true. For example, we send out hundreds of free samples every month and it is common for us to hear responses like “We got samples from other companies too, but the difference in quality is huge. Your video brochures by far and away are the best.

Why Buying Video Brochures From Us Is The Right Choice

  1. We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality and reliability.
  2. We do not lock video content, which means companies can change videos whenever they want without having to purchase new units.
  3. We provide a full warranty, not a limited warranty (contact us to learn more).
  4. The minimum order of video brochures from us is one.
  5. We do not “bait and switch” or “nickel and dime” with our prices. Variables exist, but not all of them add costs.
  6. We work with customers to determine what variables they want and help them receive the video brochure they had in mind.
  7. We have many design templates, but none are considered standard. In fact, custom video brochures are more dynamic and popular, and we encourage it.
  8. Units can have up to 14 buttons for Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up, Volume Down, Video (multiple videos can be included), Skip Forward 15 Seconds, Skip Back 15 Seconds.
  9. By choosing to buy from us, companies get an innovator and leader in the industry with over 150 years of combined experience among the key members of our team.
  10. We know exactly when to cut corners to save time and money without compromising quality and when not to cut corners at all.

We Are The Only Company To Offer A Full Warranty

From what we know, we are the only company in our industry to offer a full warranty on video brochures. It is not a limited warranty.

According to FindLaw, any company that offers a full warranty must repair or replace the product during a specified warranty period. Federal law and some state laws mandate that if a company plans to fix a product covered by a warranty, it must be done within a reasonable amount of time. It must also be reasonably convenient for the consumer to get the item to and from the place where it is to be repaired. Typically, this is handled through the mail or a private parcel delivery service. At the same time, a full warranty does not usually cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover cases where evidence shows a product was not sensibly cared for or happened to be mistreated.

limited warranty means coverage is limited to just specific parts, certain types of defects, or other conditions. Since it can mean virtually anything a seller chooses, it is important for consumers to completely understand the meaning of “limited” when buying a product. In addition, a limited warranty often only covers parts and not the labor required to fully repair something. It also may include a stipulation that the manufacturer and the consumer split the cost of repairs during the specified warranty period.

At MediaFast, our business model is to offer the best products, prices, advice, and customer service at all times. If something we sell does not work like it should, we will fix or replace it right away. Because of this, it only makes sense for us to offer a full warranty on our video brochures.

To learn more about video brochures or any of our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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