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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Zenoti.

Calling All Manufacturers – Video Brochures Will Make You Money

If there is a market for your product, Video Brochures will make you money. They combine highly productive video marketing with the best of print advertising to form an exceptional marketing piece. As a result, they do a phenomenal job of showing targeted prospects what products can do for them. By the way, that’s what they’re most interested in anyway.

Video Brochures Will Make You Money

In this day and age, video communication is extremely productive. Consumers seek it out. Executives pay more attention to it than most other types of communication. They especially love it when looking for new products, services, or opportunities. Basically, if you’ve got a sales message to present, using a video to do so will help it be more appealing, which means the people you want to consume it will be more likely to do so.

Specifically, here’s how Video Brochures will make you money: Open and response rates with decision-makers who view them are outstanding. Not only is the entire marketing package appealing, impressive, and efficient, but they simply can’t get what they’ve seen out of their minds anytime soon. From that point on, it’s up to the sender to follow up, set up a meeting, and/or close a deal. The Video Brochure will definitely do its part to open the door. For only $20 to $65 per unit, it’s easy to understand how return on investment with them is reportedly fantastic.

With that said, one of the greatest values Video Brochures offer is that they are easy to get in the hands of targeted prospects. Not only can they be hand delivered, but receptionists and assistants usually make passing them along a higher priority. If a targeted prospect is hard to reach or is not responding to phone calls or emails, then mailing them is highly effective too. To learn more, click this link: Win The Competition For Attention With Video Mailers

Video Brochures Open Doors

When it comes to opening doors, Video Brochures do it better than practically all other marketing products. Even with executives who may be hard to reach, they’re highly effective. The fact that they are impressive, modern, and efficient helps make that happen.

For people who work in sales, it’s an advantage to know prospects who would be ideal buyers for what they’re selling. Just as well, it can feel frustrating when they’re unresponsive for one reason or another or just won’t take the time to listen. Maybe their co-workers are acting like gate-keepers who normally screen salespeople, or they simply have made it their policy to not meet with salespeople unless they initiate contact with them first, their doors just aren’t open.

Regardless of why, thousands of sales fail to be made every year because some decision-makers choose not to make themselves available. However, Video Brochures provide an ideal solution. They open doors, even ones that seem hard to open, and executives love them!

What’s more, rather than being presented in branded packaging from the United States Postal Service, FedEx or UPS, Video Brochures get delivered in custom packaging designed to keep the focus entirely on the company being represented in them. What boosts their effectiveness is that assistants tend to prioritize them over other marketing materials because they look much more impressive. Also, executives who receive them usually can’t resist sharing them with other people who influence their decisions. As a result, companies who distribute their messages in Video Brochures are able to have their messages influence more people.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can make more money, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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