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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CSN CORE.

Capitalize On Virtual Reality In Video Brochures

The use of virtual reality has made a profitable impact in marketing similar to videos and video brochures.

Virtual reality and video marketing

People usually think of video games or movies when they think of virtual reality. By definition, virtual reality is an artificially generated environment created by a 3D computer program that gets presented in a manner simulating reality, and it usable beyond video games or movies.

The increased use of virtual reality around the world can be attributed to social, economic and technological progress. For example, in the field of medicine, virtual reality have been used to improve traditional therapeutic methods for cases of PTSD and social anxiety. Also, real estate agents use virtual reality to give prospective buyers tours of properties and fashion designers use it to give prospective clients views of their latest designs.

When combined with video marketing, virtual reality offers a new strategy. Marketers are often looking for better ways to showcase their products or services, and virtual reality makes videos even more effective at engaging senses and arousing emotions.

Virtual reality presented in video brochures

Video brochures are now regarded as one of the most effective techniques in marketing.

According to marketers, using video brochures to get the attention of targeted prospects is excellent. People love videos, and they’re often more likely to watch them than read or listen to messages presented in other formats. In addition to launching videos online with the hopes that the “right” people will see them, video brochures provide an ideal way for companies to present their messages directly to their most likely customers.

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Most marketers for law firms have adopted video marketing strategies as compelling ways to attract visitors to their websites, and some use 3D experiences to give potential clients a real look into what it feels like to be in court. By offering 3D experiences, virtual reality improves video marketing because it makes it feel even more real.

In 2016, it was estimated that up to 96% of B2B companies were using videos as part of their marketing strategies. When marketers use virtual reality, the 360-degree experience has a more motivating effect on viewers while also giving them a more realistic feel for products or services. Thus, when virtual reality is used in video brochures, the combination is almost unbeatable.

Virtual reality and product or service demonstrations

Virtual reality has changed the way many product and service demonstrations are presented. When used as a marketing technique, product or service demonstrations can give potential customers a more accurate experience of the real product or service. Virtual reality is especially helpful in instances when samples of some products or services cannot be conveniently given to potential buyers (like techniques used in farming, different sizes of specific items or the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners).

Thanks to virtual reality, there is almost a level playing field in marketing now. Also, most people appreciate not having salespeople knock at their door hoping to provide product demonstrations, and virtual reality provides marketers with enough opportunities to showcase their offerings without the use of that particular marketing tactic any longer.

Capitalize on virtual reality in video brochures

The marketing industry is one of the most competitive fields in business. The more marketers treat their audiences to better experiences, the better chance they have of generating revenue for their company. By using virtual reality, marketers can improve their connections with potential customers in several ways and enjoy an increased chance of gaining their business.

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