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Case Studies On Advertisement Videos

Media Campaign – SurveyUSA Results

In early 2012, the MediaFast team had the opportunity to work with an organization who had been running multiple marketing campaigns on the internet, radio, and TV. The organization decided to add the MediaFast QuickMailer DVD for video advertising to their campaign strategy.

To measure results of the campaign, they used one of the most qualified phone surveying companies, SurveyUSA.

Here is what they found:

  • 20% of household watched the DVD within 48 hours
  • 64% watched in groups
  • 10% watched in a group of 5 of more

At the conclusion of the campaign, they sent a letter to MediaFast that stated the following:

“MediaFast oversaw the project from start to finish, including the DVD content, replication of the DVDs, and coordinating the packaging and shipping. Not only did MediaFast demonstrate incredible work ethic, but we were also extremely pleased with the results. Without (MediaFast’s) expertise, organization, and ability to manage complex projects, we definitely would not have seen the same results. I would recommend MediaFast to anyone needing media services. Before we decided to go with MediaFast we researched multiple vendors and none of them could give us the quality or the price that MediaFast was able to offer. We will absolutely use MediaFast for future DVD marketing campaigns.” – Tim Enger

Weekly Network Marketing CD Mailer Program

In early 2011, the MediaFast team met with a fast growing network marketing company looking to strengthen their distributor base as it was growing.

We suggested a weekly CD training program that would be mailed to the home of each distributor. They liked the idea and began mailing MediaFast QuickMailer DVDs in May 2011, offering them as a part of their starter kit to new distributors during their first 4 weeks. At the conclusion of the free period, distributors were automatically signed up for a subscription.

Soon after implementing the weekly CD training program, the company experienced dramatic success in both subscriptions and distributor reception of the program. They said, “The mailed CDs are inexpensive…and WAY worth the training.” If fact, they were so successful that some representatives decided to make the CDs “required listening” for every new team member.

According to their feedback, subscriptions increased at remarkable rates:

  • 5 months—up 300%
  • 9 months—up 800%
  • 12 months—up 1300%

To achieve that level of success, the network marketing company used the CDs to feature speeches and training given by distributors who had reached significant levels of success.

The program produced the following results:

  1. A recognition opportunity for distributors. (It’s an honor to be chosen to speak on the weekly CD.)
  2. Weekly training and product updates for the distributor base.
  3. A revenue source for the company.
  4. A tracking tool to measure distributor activity.
  5. A weekly call to action delivered directly to the home of each distributor.

A Powerful Political Campaign Tool

In 2007, a lesser known Barack Obama, with minimal staff and very little national organization, clinched what appeared to be an almost insurmountable Iowa caucus, shocking contenders like Hilary Clinton.

To accomplish this, Obama’s campaign determined they needed to “get in front of voters in longer form than the standard 30-second spot” and to give him “extended exposure”.  They accomplished this by sending DVD Featurettes via targeted direct mail and grass roots delivery. This strategy worked and ultimately lead to him winning the democratic nomination and ultimately the Presidency. (Source: The Strategy Group – Obama for President)

MediaFast has helped other campaigns do the same with a video message that is survey driven and carefully designed to address the concerns of undecided voters.

The MediaFast QuickMailer DVD and its packaging can be varied by state. A long format video delivered in the mail that is carefully targeted to undecided voters in key battleground states can produce powerful results. The DVD can become a decisive weapon during a campaign much better than ordinary TV and radio advertisements. In truth, it can be “stealthy”, unknown and unanswerable by opposing campaigns.

The following reasons are why MediaFast QuickMailer DVDs are so successful:

  1. They break through the clutter of TV and other marketing messages.
  2. The costs are low, which means candidates get a premium price for ad time that is micro-targeted to persuadable voters.
  3. Long form presentations show a broader picture of the candidate and allow them to detail their views on complicated issues.
  4. They achieve a high open rate (up to 25% more recipients will view them).
  5. The packaging strengthens branding and increases viewing rates.
  6. DVD penetration is 98%.
  7. 90% of recipients have more than one device on which to watch DVDs.
  8. 60% of viewers watch in a group setting.
  9. Dramatic decrease in the costs of manufacturing and delivery.
  10. Unlimited ability to target specific audiences based upon communication objectives.
  11. It can all be done below the radar screen.