Case Study – Hutton Construction

Industry: Construction

GOAL: To impressively submit project proposals and communicate capabilities

SCALE: 300 HD IPS Video Brochures to be delivered with project proposals

IMPACT: Highly Successful


This construction company contacted MediaFast with the desire to develop a video marketing piece they could use to accompany their project proposals. They wanted it to be branded for their company while not being perceived as a gift, and they believed it would help them stand out much more than what they had been doing. After collaboration, a large 9×12” piece with a 7” HD screen in one panel and a 1” well in the opposite panel was created. The purpose of the well was to neatly hold their project proposal, which in most cases would exceed 80 pages. Then the video would take the prospects through the proposal as well as present a tutorial about the services and capabilities they offered. It would also introduce their leadership team, project managers, and other key employees who would be involved should they be awarded the job.

Within no time, they reported making it to “the top of the bid pile” on many occasions. They credited their success to the impressiveness of the Video Brochures, high level branding, and use of modern technology – all of which helped them outshine their competitors. As they’ve continued using them, they’ve been awarded numerous multi-million-dollar projects, and they attribute being awarded their largest project of over $100 million to this new strategy.


001 - DM Marketing LLC

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

002 - 2015 Corolina Football

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

003 - AARP

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

004 - Abacus Architects

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″