Case Study – COVERGIRL

Industry: Health and Beauty

GOAL: To launch a new makeup line and engage influencers in a memorable way

SCALE: 500 HD IPS Video Boxes with 7” HD/IPS Screens that included their new product line

IMPACT: Highly Successful

PROJECT OVERVIEW: To enhance the presentation of their new makeup line, our client worked with us to create a state-of-the-art Video Box. Then they had them delivered to A list celebrities and influencers, and the recipients “went crazy”. Influencers even created “unboxing” videos showing how impressive they were, and several of the videos went viral on social media, which created amazing product buzz! This cosmetic video box was the first of its kind in 2018, and since then video-integrated product boxes have become a highly successful “go-to” for companies in many industries.


001 - DM Marketing LLC

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

002 - 2015 Corolina Football

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

003 - AARP

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

004 - Abacus Architects

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″