Case Study – SBE

Industry: Hospitality

GOAL: To announce new resort properties to their target audience

SCALE: 1,500 7” HD/IPS hardcover Video Mailer Boxes with many reorders

IMPACT: Highly Successful

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This client owns 5-star resort properties around the globe. In collaboration with MediaFast, an attention-grabbing, unforgettable HD IPS Video Mailer Box was created to engage high-profile clients, which included A-list celebrities among others. Its purpose was to announce new resort destinations, and after distributing them, they reported experiencing a significant increase in new property bookings. As a result, they’ve implemented them into their regular marketing campaigns and have continued enjoying great success.

Case Study – Snoop Dog Gin

MediaFast Mailer Video Brochure Media Fast
Industry: Hospitality

GOAL: To announce the release of a new Gin to prospective customers and influencers

SCALE: 100 Video Boxes with 7” HD/IPS screens and custom EVA foam inserts

IMPACT: Successful

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This company’s marketing agency wanted to create a “splash” announcing the release of Snoop Dog’s new line of Gin. The video box that was created for this purpose featured a video of Snoop Dog announcing his new product in a 7” HD/IPS screen embedded in the lid along with branded SWAG inside. Surrounded by branded glasses and a beautiful classic car replica was a bottle of the new Gin in the bottom. After they were sent out, the client was pleased with the response and their marketing agency plans to use video boxes again for future product announcements.


001 - DM Marketing LLC

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

002 - 2015 Corolina Football

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

003 - AARP

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

004 - Abacus Architects

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″