Case Study – Renuvion Cosmetic Technology

Industry: Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Company

GOAL: To introduce a new device to dermatologists

SCALE: 2,000 Video Brochures that were hand-delivered to dermatologist offices by salespeople

IMPACT: Highly Successful

PROJECT OVERVIEW: After partnering with MediaFast, an HD IPS Video Brochure was produced in an effort to intrigue dermatologists and introduce a new skincare device. Salespeople hand delivered them to the receptionists and asked them to watch the video content and then share the video brochures with the doctors when they were available. Most of the salespeople had previously called on the same offices and left traditional print materials for them to review but had failed to have any success up to that point. However, after dropping off the video brochures, the salespeople reported that the dermatologist offices started contacting them for more information “before we even got back to our office.” As a result, Video Brochures have been implemented as a regular marketing tool in their strategies.


001 - DM Marketing LLC

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

002 - 2015 Corolina Football

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

003 - AARP

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″

004 - Abacus Architects

Brochure 5×7 – Screen: 4″