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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Hutton Construction.

Case Study: How Do Video Brochures Perform With Bids And Proposals?

If your company submits bids and proposals to get jobs, you understand the value of standing out from competitors. Fortunately, now there’s an affordable, highly effective way to do it, and it’s with Video Brochures. Here’s why: Videos are particularly appealing to decision-makers. When combined with pamphlets, binders or folders, they make presentations far more effective. Sometimes they’re even more effective than in-person presentations.

The Importance Of Bids And Proposals

Bid managers commonly face multiple challenges. In most cases, companies have a team composed of a document manager, a bid writer and at least one bid manager. Together they are responsible for evaluating and choosing material, determining the solution that will be pitched, and composing the proposal documents. Then, the bid manager normally takes over and it’s up to them to submit it in a way that gives it the best chance to be chosen as the winning bid.

For companies like Hutton Construction, how effectively their team performs those tasks is critical for their success. Not only is the bid process the key to how they generate revenue, but their calculations also have to be accurate so they don’t overspend and/or lose profits. The following case study shows how their team instantly made themselves better at the presentation part of it.

Case Study From Hutton Construction

Their dilemma: They were struggling to outshine competitors when submitting bids and proposals for large commercial projects. Determined to change that, they set out to find a way to create an advantage.

Their strategy: After learning about the effectiveness of Video Marketing Products, they contacted MediaFast and explained their need for a video marketing piece that would accompany their bids and proposals. They wanted it to be branded for their company and not to be perceived as a gift. They also wanted it to present a video while holding their printed project bid.

After collaboration, a large 9 x 12” Video Brochure with a 7” HD screen in one panel and a 1” well in the opposite panel was created. The purpose of the well was to neatly hold their project bid, which in most cases would exceed 80 pages. Then the video would take the prospects through the proposal while also presenting a tutorial about their services and capabilities. In addition, they would use it to introduce their leadership team, project managers, and other key employees who would be involved in the jobs should they be awarded them. Then they ordered 300 and began including them with all of their proposals.

The results: Within no time, they reported making it to “the top of the bid pile” on many occasions. They credited their success to the impressiveness of the Video Brochures, high level branding, and use of modern technology – all of which helped them outshine their competitors. As they’ve continued using them, they’ve been awarded numerous multi-million-dollar projects, and they attribute being awarded their largest project of over $100 million to this new strategy.

Videos Are More Influential Than Emails And Printed Materials

Videos can do several things that written media and motionless images cannot. For instance, they use real people with sound and motion to create genuine connections. Most people find them easier to continue paying attention to. They also establish trust quicker since people find it easier to believe what they see and hear more than what they only read or only hear. Plus, they have the ability to present more information in less time.

Another advantage is that they’re better at telling stories. Most people in sales are familiar with the phrase “Facts tell and stories sell.” By bringing products, services, and opportunities to life, they’re better able to show the benefits of using them, which often creates more sales. It’s also one of the reasons why return on investment with them is outstanding.

With that said, to make their greatest impact, videos have to be watched by the right people. Fortunately, Video Brochures are intended to be given to targeted prospects, which makes them ideal for that purpose.

Video Brochures Produce Excellent Return On Investment

Video Brochures combine the power of videos with the best of print advertising to make a powerful marketing package. They also combine the power of tangibility with the value of novelty. All the while, they’re less expensive than many people think. Click this link to learn more: Pricing Info

Another advantage they provide is that people still love to touch and feel attractive marketing materials. They may not read every bit of text included on them because most people are skimmers, but attractiveness and novelty help them draw attention. Then, when videos are included, they become even more difficult to set aside or ignore.

For these reasons, Video Brochures are highly effective with bids and proposals. To order some for your company, or to get a FREE sample, contact us today.

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