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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for JCM Global.

Catch The Wave With Videos and Video Brochures

People love videos, and companies are profiting from them and video brochures now more than anything else in marketing. Be sure your company doesn’t miss the wave.

Why companies should use videos and video brochures

Let’s face it – attention spans are currently shorter than ever. Employees don’t want to sit through long presentations, and customers don’t want to read through pages of information about the history and qualifications of companies or the intricacies of their products or services.

With that in mind, how should companies make sure their associates and potential customers are adequately informed about who they are and what they have to offer?

The simple answer is by using short, scripted, edited videos and/or video brochures. They normally don’t take much longer to create than a standard presentation, and they are excellent at presenting all the information companies need to communicate in a fraction of the time it takes to give a live presentation. All things considered, video content creates a win/win for everyone.

Videos can serve multiple purposes for companies. They enable them to communicate information more effectively, efficiently, and consistently to customers and/or associates. In just 3 to 5 minutes of video, they can usually communicate all the benefits of a particular product or service, highlight the qualifications and accomplishments of their company, hold the attention of their viewers much longer, and save everyone involved a lot of time. Also, videos are now ranking higher in SEO than web pages that have been online for many more years.

Companies who utilize videos enjoy higher open and response rates for their proposals, bids, email campaigns and various presentations. They also stand out from their competitors who don’t use videos as well or as much.

Furthermore, videos help print advertising come to life, and they’re ideal for sharing on social media and in emails.

Also, video brochures are rock stars at trade shows.

Perhaps the best quality of videos and video brochures is they can be watched almost anytime and anywhere it is convenient. In fact, electricity or an internet connection aren’t even necessary to play video brochures.

When companies incorporate videos into their strategies for various procedures, they streamline the most basic component of their communication processes instantly.

With videos and video brochures, managers can streamline status reports as well as other updates and important information. Verbal content that might normally consume 30 to 45 minutes of an hour long meeting can be reduced to 10 minutes or less when presented in video, and moving images can be added to enhance it.

Another benefit of video content is it can be a huge time saver. For example, salespeople often have to explain the same history, qualifications, products, services and/or ideas to prospects over and over again. With videos and video brochures, they can use them to share a lot of that information, thus enabling them to better utilize their time and reach more potential customers. Also, they aren’t always at their best. However, with company videos, viewers always get a consistent message with optimized content made to make companies and their products or services look their best. How much affect do you think that can have on a company’s financial circumstances?

Catch The Wave With Videos and Video Brochures

For companies, knowing how to better connect with their most likely customers can lead to huge success. People love videos and video brochures, and they’ve been returning outstanding ROI for several years now.

When people need or want something, the first thoughts they have are about who they know or where they know to get it. Then they analyze their thoughts and decide how to take action. The companies they remember the most are the ones with the best chance of getting their business.

Our video brochures and other video marketing products can help companies put their best foot forward. At MediaFast, we understand a great presentation is an unbeatable way to gain the attention of your most likely customers. We combine our extensive experience with excellent resources to help our clients receive the best video marketing products possible, and we usually save them money when they work with us along the way.

To learn more about videos, video brochures or our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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