CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Care

CD / DVD & BluRay Care

It has been some time since we had a blog themed around CD or DVD care so we thought this week we would remind you of the best ways to take care of your disks.  Many people now use iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, or laptops for listening and viewing, but disks still provide a huge percentage of the media that we all enjoy. With the creation and release of Blu-Ray, disks are keeping up with online streaming options, and the tips and advice below will also be also useful for keeping Blu-Rays clean and in good working order!


  • The first piece of advice you should bear in mind is that disks are NOT indestructible!  Most of the problems people have when playing disks come from lack of care or poor storage.
  • On that note… ALWAYS keep your CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray in their sleeve or case for protection.
  • NEVER stack CDs on top of each other… this can cause circular scratches, which are the worst kind, even worse than those that run from the center to the edge of the disk.  Surprising… isn’t it?
  • ALWAYS make sure to handle a disk by the outer edges to avoid getting fingerprints or anything from your hands onto the part that contains information.
  • Keep your disks out of direct sunlight, as high temperatures and light exposure will make them unreadable.
  • Keep your disks upright and lined up in their cases – good organization reduces the risk of disks being stepped/sat/chewed on.


So now you have the advice, go and get organizing!  The proper care, cleaning and organization of your disks mean that your family can enjoy them for years and years to come!