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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Symphony Honolulu.

Cold Calling Is Easier With Video Brochures

Video brochures are ideal for breaking the ice when new introductions are made. They’re also highly effective at engaging targeted prospects. As a result, cold calling with them can be much less intimidating and even easy for many salespeople.

MediaFast video brochures make cold calling easier

First, in case you don’t already know what they’re like, the following video shows video brochures and video mailers in action. If you’ve ever held one, you already know they’re practically like holding a TV commercial in your hands.

Brief list of advantages provided by video brochures

People respond well to video brochures and it feels exciting to receive one. It also feels exciting to give them out. Here is a brief list of advantages they provide:

  1. They’re modern, cutting-edge, classy, and super interesting.
  2. They have the ability to say a lot in a short period of time with visuals, sound and motion.
  3. Companies can ensure their messages are presented in a way they feel is best.
  4. They can be handed to, dropped off, or mailed to targeted prospects.
  5. Recipients share them with co-workers and decision makers.
  6. They can make average salespeople great.
  7. They increase perceived value of companies and their offerings.
  8. They help companies stand out from competitors.
  9. They make companies and their messages more memorable.
  10. They create an ideal reason for follow-up (because they have to be picked back up).

There are many more advantages, but what most people really want to know at this point is how much they cost and what ROI is like with them. To get some answers to those questions, please click the following links: Video Brochure Prices and Get The Best ROI From Video Brochures

10 suggestions to make cold calling easier

Since this blog is also about cold calling, I decided it would be helpful to include an awesome list of suggestions I stumbled on when researching this topic.

  1. Develop the “hot button” that stimulates interest and gives each prospect a compelling reason to listen to you. You can identify this by doing research and finding out specific challenges for each individual before approaching them.
  2. Always keep in mind that prospects are more interested in what your product or service will do for them than what your product or service actually is. When a prospect buys, they are ultimately buying what they believe they will get in return for using what you are selling.
  3. Refine your focus by remembering the follow: 14% of people make purchasing decisions based on prior experience while 86% of people make purchasing decisions based on future expectations.
  4. Imagine each prospect secretly wants you to offer them something that will make their life easier or them more successful. Since most people buy based on future expectations, your prospects will be more inclined to listen if you offer something to improve their circumstances.
  5. Remember, people buy based on their reasons, not yours. Therefore, keeping the focus on what they want and selling it as opposed to using the same sales approach with every prospect can be highly rewarding.
  6. To foster a deeper connection with each prospect, identifying their greatest pains and articulating them during a conversation will demonstrate your knowledge and show you really understand their challenges. Then, when you share how your product can help relieve their struggles, they’ll be more interested.
  7. When the focus is mostly on their greatest pains or problems, they’ll feel more ready to resolve them.
  8. Make a list of at least 5 compelling reasons a prospect should listen to you and review them before cold calling each prospect. Reviewing your “hot buttons” before approaching them will put you in the right mindset as well as refocus your thoughts towards the value you can deliver. It will also remind you why your prospects need to speak with you.
  9. Include testimonials. If you have positive stories to share, the perfect time to share them is during cold calling.
  10. Always be honest, friendly, positive and remember to smile. Those traits are attractive and endearing, and the last thing you want is for them to feel like avoiding you whenever they see you coming.

Video brochures are an awesome tool for salespeople

Having state-of-the-art sales tools with videos helps salespeople feel more confident and relaxed. With them, they can talk less and listen more, and their whole sales presentation usually feels more modern and interesting. Also, videos engage more senses in viewers and allow companies to sell without salespeople having to be involved throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, research indicates people remember up to 65% more when watching videos because audio and visual are combined. Traditional forms of audio messages and print advertising simply do not make the same impact.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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