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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CanadaWide Sports.

Consider This When Making A Video Brochure

When making a video brochure, considering some important points before getting started can help the final piece turn out much better than expected. For example, whereas a super cool design might be fantastically eye-catching, if the design won’t fit the press, it would be best to know prior to very much time being wasted. Or, the video content that is planned might be awesome, but unless it strikes a chord with a company’s most likely customers, it’ll miss the mark.

In an effort to help our readers enjoy more success, here are some important points to consider when making a video brochure.

Important points to consider when making a video brochure

  1. Know your target audience: Rarely ever is a target audience “everyone”. Videos perform much better when producers keep in mind the age, gender, background, and interests of the company’s most likely customers while making production decisions. Without doing so, producers run the risk of their messages not saying what needs to be said to the prospects they engage.
  2. Stick to the specific purpose of the video brochure: For example, will the video brochure be used for marketing, recruiting, sales, fundraising, or training? While companies have found them to be great for all of those purposes and more, the primary focus of the content needs to match accordingly.
  3. Focus on how your product or service will affect your audience: More than anything, people want to know how something will affect them. When messages focus on that, they seem more interesting and produce much better results. Otherwise, especially because people are busy and attention spans seem to be shorter than ever, people are less inclined to continue paying attention to something unless they see how it will add value to their lives.
  4. Have a strategy to arouse emotions: Images in motion combined with non-verbal communication, scenery, sounds, and background music help videos connect emotionally with audiences. Because of the increased sensory engagement, people love videos and often feel more motivated to respond to a call-to-action after watching them.
  5. Know if your concept is difficult to explain or understand: If it is, animation is the best way to go. Animation has the ability to bend the laws of nature, and by doing so, practically any concept, no matter how complex, is easier to communicate. On the other hand, if your concept isn’t difficult to explain or understand, using real people in natural circumstances will probably work best.
  6. Have a plan for how you will distribute your video brochure: Before spending time and money making a video brochure, having a plan for how to distribute it can lead to more success. For example, is your plan to hand them directly to targeted prospects, or would mailing them be best? Or, is your plan to leave them in stores where your products or services are sold, or will you have salespeople sharing them?

How MediaFast can help your video brochure be awesome

When making a video brochure, companies can benefit greatly from some wise planning before production begins. That will usually give it a better chance to accomplish the goals they have in mind, but it should also result in less frustration along the way.

With over 150 years of combined experience, we have a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing. We also understand how to ensure messages get presented in an effective manner as well as what it takes to distribute a video brochure so it can accomplish its intended purpose.

To learn more about what makes a great video brochure or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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