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To prevent unauthorized duplication, the method of encryption mostly used on commercial DVDs is called Content Scrambling System (CSS). DVD players decrypt the CSS encrypted data on the disc and the end result is the high quality presentations we see on films and other programs. CSS uses various keys, basically a string of characters that are used to authenticate the validity of the disc that the DVD player is attempting to read.

Currently, there are numerous court cases both active and pending about the software that can override this protection and allow the user to copy a DVD. Only time will tell the outcome and its affect on the DVD consumer.


TAGES™ is a new breed of CD/DVD-ROM copy protection that overcomes the inadequacies of the commonly marketed solutions. With TAGES™, the software community takes a great leap forward against piracy by offering several technical breakthroughs. The main technical asset is the specific mastering process that builds up a programmable “secure area” on the disc. The secured area is used to protect useful application data sets or encryption keys.

TAGES™ secure area concept permits the protection of independent application data sets of the code. By doing so, TAGES™ makes the protection of the executable component or of interactive content straightforward. For developers, the concept is extremely powerful and easy to put in practice: secure specific data that cannot be reproduced on a recordable media. Learn more


Patronus, Fortiums proprietary DVD video copy control technology, helps content owners reliably protect their digital assets. Patronus is a passive anti-rip solution that encapsulates video files on a DVD disc and causes the access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. The original media content is not modified and play-back quality remains unaffected. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by the DVD players during playback. Copy controlled disc are designed to provide effective speed bump protection from unauthorized casual copying. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVDs. Menus, special features, extras and Dual layer DVDs can also be successfully protected. Learn more


HexaLock develops and markets copy protection and digital rights management solutions worldwide. Two revolutionary products they offer for DVD copy protection are HexDVD-DATA and HexDVDR-V.

HexDVD-DATA is a unique copy protection system for Duplicators that use DVDR media. A unique signature applied to the DVDRs during the burning process enables the HexDVD-DATA components to differentiate original from copied DVDs.

HexDVDR-Video is a new copy protection system, especially designed for DVDR-Video, HexDVDR-Video makes it impossible to create 1:1 copies or complete rips of the protected DVDR. Learn more