Crazy Internet Names For Video Brochures

5 x 7 Screen 4" MediaFast ULTERA VIDEO BROCHURE

How did they come up with all of these names?

If you’re familiar with video enabled marketing products, you may find it just as amusing as us that people refer to them so differently. Not that it’s funny, but it kind of is…

Anyway, in your search to better understand the products, think of this as our way of inviting you to be enlightened as we do our best to explain why they have different names and what some of them are.

But first, here are names we typically call them and examples of each.

Brochure: 5 x 7 - Screen: 4" Fresh Aire UV
Video Brochure
St Jude 5 x 7 Screen 4" MediaFast
Video Mailer
Video Box
Video Business Card

Without knowing those names, it’s understandable that sometimes Video Brochures get referred to as Video Pamphlets, Video Books, and Screen In Print. It’s also understandable that Video Mailers sometimes get referred to as Video Cards, Direct Mail Video Players, and Marketing Presentation Flyers. And sometimes Video Boxes get referred to as Video Sample Boxes, Video Packages, and even Promotional Video Brochures.

To be honest, there are 30 or more other names we could list here, but rather than do that, here is why we believe there are so many variations.

The Answer:  You know those moments when you’re trying to find out information online but just aren’t sure what the name of something is? Then you make up something that sounds good to describe it and just hope Google will relate it to what you want… Well, that’s basically what has happened with these products. Interestingly, over the past several years as that has happened, Google has decided that some of those variations are actually names that should exist, and the industry has stuck with them.


Understandably, sometimes the names get used interchangeably by accident.

For example, we’ve had marketers call and say they wanted a Video Box, but after further discussion, they actually wanted a Video Brochure. Since Video Brochures are square and the words “sample” or “gift” aren’t included in Video Box, this is completely reasonable.

By the way, Video Boxes draw excellent responses when they’re used to deliver gifts and/or samples.

9.5 x 8 x 4 - Screen: 7" Retainers For Life
Video Box
MediaFast 5 x 7 Screen : 4" UNITED SYSTEM SOFTWARE I
Video Brochure
Video Brochure
Hayden Outdoors Video H Haden
Video Mailer

We’ve also had marketers call and say they’re interested in getting a Video Brochure when they actually wanted a Video Mailer.

This one is the most unsurprising because the difference between them is simply how they’re delivered.

While Video Brochures can be handed to recipients or dropped off at their offices, Video Mailers are mailed, making them ideal for engaging decision-makers who are hard to reach.

Also, it makes total sense that someone would find it strange to include the word “video” with “business card” because they’ve been around forever.

However, Video Business Cards are the correct name used to refer to business cards with videos in them, but they do reasonably get referred to as Video Brochures from time to time.

By the way, wasn’t adding videos to business cards brilliant? Let’s just say, they rarely ever get thrown away.

9 x 12 Screen: 7" Crosley Law
Video Brochure
UDR Welcome Aboard Business Card Video Brochure: 2.37 x 5.62 - Screen: 3"
Video Business Card
Baxter Video Brochure 5 x 7 - Screen: 4.8"
Direct Mail Video Advertiser
Video Package

And finally, just to include a couple of alternate names we’ve heard used to describe our Video Marketing Products, these two getting confused for each other makes just as much sense as any others.

To explain, since Video Mailers come in custom packaging, it’s understandable that they get referred to as packages. On the flip side, since Video Boxes are packages that get sent via direct mail, it makes total sense that they get referred to as mail in any form.


Forgive us if that heading creates more confusion. Basically, it’s just a creative way to say who knows what other names they’ll come up with next, but one thing we know for sure, there will be others… and that’s okay.

After all, part of good communication is simply knowing what words mean, no matter what words they are.

At the same time, hopefully you’re not more confused after reading this. Our purpose here is to provide clarity, and if you still have questions, we still have answers.

Contact us to learn more. And please, use any names you want. We’ll ask questions to clarify.

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Video Brochure for Bachman Associates
Brisa video brochure example
Butterfly video brochure
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