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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for 866UNP.

Custom Videos are Always Best in Video Brochures

Custom videos are always best in video brochures, and this is true pretty much everywhere videos are posted. Not only does original content receive a better grade in SEO, it also seems to be more appealing to viewers and usually generates a higher ROI.

Reasons why custom videos are best

First, in general, it’s better for prospects to see what they’ll actually be getting when they make a purchase. For example, while it might be difficult to sell a watch over the phone, it can be much easier to sell if a potential buyer can actually see it.

Second, custom videos are more effective when it comes to establishing trust. The logic here is that if someone is confident in what they’re selling, they should want to showcase it for potential buyers.

Third, when custom videos are posted online, they tend to receive a much better score in SEO. Search engines view original content as more valuable, and this has been well known for quite some time.

Fourth, custom videos help companies set themselves apart from competitors. People love videos, and in the digital age we live in, consumers consider companies who use them to be in higher regard than companies who do not.

Fifth, explainer videos are much more effective when the actual product or service being offered is used in them. Potential users often want to see an actual product or service in action before making a purchase, and they tend to buy with more confidence after doing so.

Sixth, prospects seem to have more appreciation for custom video content, especially if they believe users like them had input in its making.

Seventh, custom videos often leave fewer questions in prospect’s minds.

Eighth, videos in general do a great job of motivating lazy or more skeptical consumers to take action. Custom videos are sometimes even better at eliminating skepticism and creating motivation.

Ninth, custom videos often help salespeople be better at selling because they’re efficient, appreciated by prospects, and exceptional at showing what products and services can do.

Tenth, custom videos often generate higher ROI, which is the point of marketing in the first place. Basically, it all comes down to money (not everything, but most things in business seem to fit this description). Videos have a way of motivating people to make purchases after watching them.

Video brochures are ideal for engaging targeted prospects

In the digital world we live in, videos are extremely popular. People love them, and marketers who use them have been enjoying great rewards for doing so for several years now. Not only are they classy and attention-grabbing, but they’re also excellent for important procedures like sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, and branding. They’re also outstanding at reaching targeted prospects and engaging them with interesting communication.

For companies, video brochures have proven to provide outstanding ROI. We sell them for between $20 and $65 per unit, and feedback from our customers indicates their prospects enjoy watching videos about their products, services, and opportunities in them. In all honesty, we couldn’t recommend a marketing strategy anymore than using them.

To learn more about video brochures or the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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