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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen for Arccos Caddie.

Cutting-Edge Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos Impact Shoppers

Using POP Displays with videos to bring attention to products in retail settings will help your marketing videos impact shoppers, and you’ll sell more because of it. If you understand how powerful videos can be, that makes sense… right?

Also, if you’ve ever caught yourself watching a video that grabbed your attention even though you weren’t planning to watch it, you understand how true that is. Videos just do that… Aren’t they interesting? Aren’t they hard to ignore? And aren’t they amusing… when they’re fairly short?

POP Displays Boost Revenue

When you think of a Point of Purchase Display, what comes to mind? Probably something physical, but does it also include something digital?

Regardless, when strategically placed in retail stores, they do a great job of emphasizing specific products and/or offers that encourage shoppers to make purchases.

All the while, even though they don’t necessarily increase foot traffic, they do increase sales once consumers are near them.

At the same time, the marketing messages included in them are appealing… especially if they’re located near checkout counters or strategically in aisles. Next thing you know, it’s just easier for shoppers to reach for merchandise.

However, regardless of where they’re placed, the goal is still the same — to educate, inform, and persuade shoppers to make purchases. Effectively, they do that… and have been doing it extremely well for decades now.

And finally, POP Displays produce an added advantage because they provide a last-minute way for retailers to engage shoppers before they leave. If you’ve ever made an impulse purchase because of one, you know exactly how that works… And the boost in revenue is valuable.

Digital Point of Purchase Displays

Typically, digital POP Displays have an LCD screen where a video plays. They also usually include a physical container where featured products are located.

For example, here’s a video showing some we’ve made along with other Video Marketing Products we sell.

Videos In POP Displays Impact Shoppers

Messages that are delivered in retail settings are classified as point-of-purchase, or POP marketing. This type of marketing can be highly effective at engaging consumers and influencing buying behaviors.

With that, in-store POP Displays play an important role in POP marketing. How? Because when products are strategically placed in stores, it makes it easier for shoppers to notice them… thus improving their chances of selling.

For example, a jewelry store could have an attention grabbing banner above a display on a shelf that provides an overview of the materials used to make the jewelry featured in it. Then, by highlighting the features and benefits, stores give consumers the information they need to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

After all, the main objective is to increase visibility of specific products when consumers are near them. And the more noticeable and easy products are to pick up, the better the chances are that they’ll sell.

With that said, no matter what products are being sold, finding ways to help shoppers discover them is crucial in retail sales. POP Displays with videos make that happen, and they provide the perfect way to showcase merchandise, educate consumers, and boost sales.

Increase Sales With Videos In POP Displays

For retailers, an in-person shopping experience creates an advantage over online shopping. How? Because consumers still want to experience things live and in-person. In other words, tangibility is effective.

Also, video content from manufacturers produces great value because manufacturers can educate consumers more effectively than most regular salespeople. They’re also more trustworthy, inclusive, and focused.

With that in mind, to perform their best, POP Displays need to include attention-grabbing videos that show products in action. That’s how trust gets escalated, familiarity increases, and thoughts of future purchases get planted in the minds of consumers.

Plus, they’re the “go-to” for retailers who seek to have their products stand out above their competitors.

After reading this, if you’d like to benefit from how videos impact shoppers in Point of Purchase Displays, or to learn more, contact us today.

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