Death of the DVD? Hardly.

With the rapid rise of digital streaming and downloads, many people are predicting the death of the DVD.  However, these people are prematurely pessimistic.  While it’s true that DVD sales have declined in recent years, the market is still going strong.  And this is why:


The video streamer’s worst enemy is that twirling circle, or line of flashing bars accompanied by that dreaded word “buffering.”  While internet speeds are improving, the occasional (or frequent) interruption is inevitable – especially on a Saturday night when everyone else in the world is trying to stream the same video as you.

No Hotspot? No Problem

Another reason DVDs are not likely to die anytime soon is their portability.  On family vacations, business trips, or other travels, if you don’t have access to strong, reliable wi-fi, there is no way you’ll be able to enjoy your Netflix.  On the other hand, DVDs will play just as well at home as in a car or on a plane.


As convenient as streaming may be, if you are looking for a quality experience, nothing beats HD DVDs or Blueray.  The sharpness, the colors, the sound, and the experience of a DVD/Blu ray simply cannot be matched by online video streaming.


Another major benefit of DVDs is that they are always physically there.  Once you’ve bought it, it’s there for your viewing pleasure any day, any time, any year.  In contrast, online streaming sites are notorious for putting up and pulling down films or TV shows without warning.  One weekend they are there, the next (when you actually have time to watch it) they’ve disappeared into the internet abyss.

DVDs for life

DVDs are a great, quality, permanent physical storage unit that still has a very bright future.  For your movies, data storage, digital photo albums, and home videos, these disks will be there for decades to come!