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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Did You Know Video Brochures Make Videos More Profitable?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to make your videos more profitable, video brochures might be the perfect solution.

Are you like many other business owners who have spent big money on videos and just aren’t sure how to get them watched by the “right” people. Or, do you already know how well video marketing performs and simply want to position yourself in the best way to get the best results. Or, do you completely understand that consumers actually seek out videos when shopping for products, services, or opportunities and you know you’ll miss out on precious revenue if you don’t present quality videos to them.

Whatever the case may be, video brochures have proven to be an outstanding way for business owners to get the best return on their investment in videos. They’re the wave of the future, the wave of the present, and the wave most successful companies are already riding.

Why Videos Perform So Well In Video Brochures

In the eyes of modern consumers, videos are classy and attention-grabbing. They’d rather read less and watch more, work less and feel more, and spend less and gain more. With videos, they can accomplish all of those.

Among other things, videos are excellent in business for sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, and branding. Viewers have a much easier time paying attention to them than most other forms of communication, and when it comes to engaging targeted prospects, they’re interesting enough to intrigue even the most busy of candidates. They’re also effective enough to draw a response from even the most hard to reach professionals. For these and other reasons, videos definitely seem to be the best way to accomplish many important objectives in business. (They work super well for personal reasons too, but that’s an entirely different topic.)

What video brochures do is provide a classy, cutting-edge marketing piece that capitalizes on novelty and the power of videos. When distributed to targeted prospects, they easily increase the number of times a company’s messages get seen and heard because they’re too intriguing to ignore (if you’ve ever held one, you know what I mean), and then after watching them, recipients usually can’t wait to show them to others. As a result, they get shared often, which increases exposure, and enables them to make a greater impact on targeted prospects and those who influence them. What other marketing materials do that?

Tips To Help Your Videos Deliver The Best Results

Now that you might be seriously considering using video brochures if you aren’t already, here are some tips to help your videos deliver the best results:

  1. Custom videos usually perform best because they feel more genuine and appealing to viewers.
  2. When using videos to sell products, services or opportunities, it is best to include demonstrations and clearly state benefits because what potential buyers mostly want to learn is what they’ll gain if they buy what is being offered.
  3. To capitalize on how effectively videos build trust, it is best to keep all content straightforward and honest. Otherwise, consumers might figure out they’re being misled and then move on to another source where they can get what they want.
  4. To benefit the most, it is best to post videos on multiple platforms to increase exposure.
  5. Understand your target audience and communicate to them with words, gestures, and settings they’ll relate to the best.
  6. Without being condescending or disparaging, use content that shows what sets your company apart from competitors.
  7. When presenting explainer videos, use the actual product or service being offered to maximize effectiveness. Potential users want to see actual products or services in action and they tend to buy with more confidence after doing so.
  8. Including testimonials from actual users is often more effective than lengthy descriptions of what could or should happen.
  9. Include a call-to-action. Videos do a great job of creating motivation and provide an ideal time to ask viewers to do something you want.
  10. Because ROI with videos is usually outstanding, don’t be afraid to spend money to increase the chances of your most likely customers watching yours.

To learn more about how to make your videos increasingly effective, follow this link: More Examples of Excellent Marketing Videos.

Video Brochures Make Videos More Profitable

For companies, video brochures have proven to deliver outstanding ROI. We sell them for between $20 and $65 per unit and feedback indicates they’re worth even much more than that based on how well they perform.

In addition to being impressive, video brochures are unique, captivating, and entertaining. They increase the number of times the “right” people watch a company’s videos, and they easily make a better impression than printed brochures, pamphlets, or other literature that is traditionally left for prospects to review.

To learn more about video brochures or the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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