Direct Mail: Alive and Well

It seems like everything in this modern world has gone digital, online, or electronic, and that comprises all things business.  Across the globe, companies and corporations both big and small are making great strides in their personal endeavors through the effective and timely use of technology, including and especially marketing technology.


It is because of this mass use of technology to promote businesses that makes it seem like small business owners do not have a shot at competing with the big boys, but the answer for these small businesses (and even the larger enterprises too) can be found in reverting to the analog—direct mail marketing. For years, direct mail marketing has been the most effective and efficient method of localized marketing for companies of any size, but in a business world obsessed with innovations this fact has been muffled and lost.


It is none the less a fact: direct mail marketing is the most effective method of marketing when one considers the cost per lead generated.  According to a report issued by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) direct mail marketing had an average cost per lead that was a nearly four dollars cheaper than email and just under a dollar cheaper than online PPC.


This means that those businesses who invested in direct mail marketing received more lead generation and sales conversion that did those who invested in email and PPC campaigns.  Never thought you’d see that kind of report in this day and age, did you?


While there will always be future advancements in the wide world of business, direct mail marketing campaigns are looking to continue to provide small and medium sized business with the best ROI and cost per lead.