Direct Mail Packaging – A Great Mail Marketing Campaign Tool

Direct Mail Packaging – A Great Mail Marketing Campaign Tool

This week we have decided to focus on how you can utilize one of our favorite products – direct mail packaging- to better improve your business and relationships with customers.  Direct mail packaging allows you to send a product or promotional information directly from the printers as the postage is already paid and printed on the packaging.  This can save time, money and hassle.  It is also a great way to send out information that will draw the eye of consumers, whilst remembering that design is still everything!

Initial visual impact of a mailer makes a huge difference. Check your mailbox. This can provide you with a wide variety of samples of direct mail campaigns, both successful and not.  Often the packaging fails to convince a consumer to open or read what they receive. This can lead to your information or sample product, never even being touched by the recipient.  No matter what you send, if the packaging doesn’t work, your content won’t be worthwhile.  You can learn from the junk mail out there in your mailbox.  The basic aim being to create as unique a look for your pieces from that “junk mail.”

The value of knowing your customers cannot be overstated.  Customers these days tend to be very skeptical.  So you need to avoid insulting them with obviously overstated offerings, a la “Free money!”  Freshness in your mail’s presentation is vital.  An example of a fresh idea for today’s consumers is blunt honesty.  Your customers know and greatly appreciate any time you are straightforward with them.  They will reward you for it with loyalty and respect.  Whatever you do, just make sure that your call to action and teasers aren’t the same old same old.  Most important here is that you are focusing on whom your consumers are in reality, and not just your fantasy consumer that might believe a “Free money!” offer.

These are some things to consider when thinking about doing a marketing campaign via mail.  Contact us directly for more information on direct mail packaging and advice on design and presentation.