Direct Mail Packaging

What Does Direct Mail Packaging Involve?

You may not be totally familiar with what direct mail packaging is, so we thought we’d explain so you can take advantage of this great service… There are many facets to creating a product, but actually getting it to the customer is one of the most important stages.  After the design, production and quality control process is completed, there comes the need to fulfill orders and get products to customers. It can take a lot of effort for companies to collect, store, sort and ship out products after they are created, and that is why more and more places are offering direct mail packaging with fulfillment services.  It is essential that any direct mail packaging work in conjunction with the US Postal Service so as to be cost effective and appropriately designed. This leads to no fuss, no concern, just money saved and product directly to customers. Sometimes it can be wise to cutout the middleman!

There should be several options to help you get discs, or other products, safely in the mailboxes of your customers – without excessive expense.  Speed, accuracy and efficiency are critical whether packaging is done in-line or by hand and different companies will offer different services, depending on the needs of their clients.  Some will only offer direct mail packaging, whilst others will offer an assortment of packs and kits for different occasions.

Direct mail packaging can come in the form of envelopes, postcards, flyers, and even standard sized brochures mailed to prospective and existing customers.  Many businesses will send out information in varying forms throughout the year so as to stay in the mind of customers.  This should result in more customers/sales and therefore, increased revenue.

So let us take care of the entire process, from beginning to end!