Direct Mail—What Does It Do, Really?

Direct mail is an important and useful tool for marketing and though some skeptics claim that it is a dying art, recent statistics show that it is one of the most useful marketing tools available.


In fact, more than 60 percent of consumers in the US actually enjoy checking the mail, this means that your direct mail materials can benefit from the positive experience of mail checking.  If that isn’t enough to convince you, you should also know that for every $170 spent on direct mail by American advertisers, more than $2,000 of goods are sold.  Now, that’s pretty impressive.


So, direct mail is a good thing, but what are some of the best reasons to use it?


  • Surveys have shown that when it comes to prompting Americans to make donations, direct mail is the number one driving force.  More than a fifth of Americans surveyed explained that direct mail led to their charitable donations.


  • Direct mail is expected to experience growth in the coming years.  This means that by investing in direct mail today, you can ensure that your products and services get the attention they need now and in the future!


  • Direct mail is still perceived as more personal than online appeals.  This means that through direct mail marketing, your audience will feel more comfortable pursuing further contact and purchasing from your company.


Whatever part of direct mail you find most appealing, it is clear that it can make the difference for your business—so get started today!