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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for TAU.

Distributing Your Video In Print Will Produce Staggering Results

If you’re like most who’ve used Video Brochures, distributing your Video In Print will produce staggering results. They’re amazing door-openers for salespeople… Trust us, your sales team will love you for using them to generate leads. They’ve also been known to shorten sales cycles, and we’ve even had one customer report a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed.

For marketing that works, distributing Video In Print (also known as Video Brochures) is a no-brainer.

Testimonials After Video Brochures Have Been Distributed

Before explaining more about Video In Print, here are some testimonials from clients indicating how well they work.

“Barbara and the MediaFast team have done an amazing job with all the video books they created for us. Our advisors have dramatically increased their sales due to utilizing these video books! Placing another order today…” — A. Thorpy

“Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.” — S. Williams

“The product meets and exceeds our expectations. We will be working with MediaFast for many more years to come!” — L. Karrells

“I have been trying to get a hold of (this) company for months now with no luck. Then I sent their CEO the video brochure mailer and he all of the sudden called me to set up an appointment! Yay!” — Cornerstone OnDemand

Why Video In Print Is Extremely Effective

Even prior to an increase in people working remotely due to COVID-19, video marketing was the way to go. That’s not to say traditional marketing strategies have been failing completely. However, they’ve been decreasing in effectiveness for at least a decade now, and videos are simply more appealing.

For instance, according to an article on, “In 2020, the number of people watching digital videos in the US reached 244.4 million — hitting year-over-year growth levels that far exceed what experts had predicted (Business Insider, 2020).” Also, it says, “If video marketing is the future, then the future is now.”

Clearly, consumers prefer video content over reading text or listening to audio… In addition, here’s a pretty profound statistic from Wyzowl: Most people (96% to be exact) turn to videos to learn more about particular products and/or services when making purchasing decisions.

Sooo, how does this pertain to Video In Print (or Video Brochures)? Well… The odds of hitting your target go up drastically when you aim at it, right?

Also, thinking about your target audience, since they’re probably like most consumers, surely they’ll appreciate you engaging them with videos much more than if you send them emails, print marketing materials, or drop by with the hopes of getting to talk to them.

With that said, Video Brochures are like TV commercials recipients can hold in their hands. They’re tangible, and they don’t get ignored. Nor do they get set aside like most other marketing media.

Instead, targeted prospects open them, watch them, and read what’s written on the surface areas. Then, what’s even better is that they show them around to others who influence their decisions, which means the videos in them make an even greater impact.

Examples Of Video In Print

In case you aren’t familiar with Video Brochures, here’s a short clip showing some we’ve created in action.

Case Study with Video Brochures: QuintEvents

QuintEvents is a leading travel and event package company in the United States. For anyone looking for an extraordinary travel experience, regardless of destination or group size, chances are they can get you the deal you’re hoping to find.

With that said, to improve their marketing, they collaborated with MediaFast to create a Video Brochure Mailer with a 9×12” screen and an integrated folder to hold tickets and other printed materials. Then they used it to give their clients specific details about the events they’d be attending, plus information about their travel itineraries.

After using them, the feedback they received was outstanding. Not only did they help escalate their number of positive reviews, but they also influenced more repeat business and referrals.

Needless to say, they’ve continued using them… and now they reorder annually in bulk while using attractive, unchanging design to reduce costs since we can upload their custom videos into however many units they tell us they need for each event and/or client.

To learn more about other strategies companies have used and the results they’ve achieved, click MediaFast Case Studies.

Why You Can Afford Video Brochures

Imagine having marketing media that your targeted prospects will actually enjoy receiving. Media that costs less per piece than a typical dinner bill for each prospect, and they’ll more than likely enjoy receiving it.

Plus, what if it regularly produces a 66% increase in response rates when compared to other marketing tactics? And what if it’s been known to produce as high as a 70% increase in sales after an order has been distributed?

That would be amazing, right? Well, here’s the product I’m referring to — Video Brochures — and here’s why you can afford them.

Basically, for $20 to $65 per unit, they’re modern marketing products that produce ROI substantially higher than PPC, print advertising, and sometimes even in-person visits. Plus, they typically blow those strategies away.

Example Of Video Brochures Being Affordable

For example, how much would you pay to engage 50 to 500 of your best prospects? You know, the ones with high net worth who are difficult to meet in person… But when they spend, they spend BIG.

Plus, what if your marketing messages could have their undivided attention, be irresistible, and more than likely get shared with others who influence their decisions? How much would that be worth to you?

Well, here’s the math: For $3,000 to $4,000 per order in most cases, you should be able to engage at least 100 of them. Remember those percentages above? Then, out of those 100, how many would need to become paying customers for you to recoup your investment? One, two, three maybe? You get the point… And Video Brochures typically perform much better than that.

If you’re analyzing this, investing in Video Brochures isn’t really a gamble. They’re practically a sure thing, and you can capitalize on them with our help in a process that’s much easier than you probably imagine.

After reading this, if you’d like to learn more, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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