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This is a MediaFast video box for Onset Financial.

Do Great Marketing With A Video Box

Using videos has been a key to success in marketing for several years now. As technology has improved, one of the most clever ways they’ve been used is in combination with gifts and samples in what is simply called a video box.

How Videos Improve Gift and Sample Boxes

To viewers, videos feel appealing, efficient, and entertaining. For companies, videos provide a more effective way to reach their target audience and actually get a response from them.

For example, we recently had a customer send out fancy socks to targeted prospects in a video gift box. Many of their customers told them it was the coolest marketing strategy they’d ever seen and the video inside the box top was a huge hit. Within no time, it definitely helped them make more sales, and in the end, ROI with the entire project was outstanding.

Interestingly, with respect to videos, over half of online users watch them for education or entertainment. This is relevant in marketing because of how much people prefer them. Smart marketers learned to capitalize on this several years ago.

What makes videos so effective for marketing is that they engage multiple senses in viewers and make messages more memorable. They also deliver more information in less time because viewers can actually watch people as well as products and services in action rather than having to read and/or use their imagination.

Another benefit for viewers is that videos feel like they require less effort to consume. In today’s world, often the easier something is to do, the better. That’s just as true in business as it is anywhere else. Videos simply make content and presentations easier for consumers to enjoy.

Examples of Video Gift and Sample Boxes

Do Great Marketing With Video Marketing Products

At MediaFast, we’ve witnessed how using videos in products like Video Brochures and Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays) has produced great results for companies for several years now. Video Mailers and Video Gift and Sample Boxes have been equally as productive.

The biggest reason for their success is that messages presented in videos are more appealing to viewers and engage them in ways proven to be more effective. This allows companies to take advantage of the power of videos, which have proven to be more interesting to decision-makers, and often produce the best way to actually get their attention.

What a video box does is allows companies to present samples, gifts, and other marketing materials in combination with a video to prospective customers in a modern, intriguing, and classy way. The chances of this strategy producing better results are higher, and targeted prospects usually appreciate this novel concept more than other techniques used to get their attention, most of which they simply throw away.

To learn more about video boxes or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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