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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Vidant Health.

Do Great Marketing With A Video Business Card

To stand out from competitors, you can do great marketing with a video business card. Video business cards are a lot like video brochures, which have taken the marketing world by storm, and they’re affordable.

In fact, a video business card may be exactly what you need to boost yourself and/or your company to a higher level.

Traditional business cards explained

For decades, traditional business cards have been a staple in marketing. Most people in business have them, and they include standard information like a person’s name, company name, logo, website information and contact information. They’re usually small, easy to distribute, filled with useful information, and expected in business.

The problem is, most of them regularly get lost or thrown away by recipients because they won’t use them or don’t want them. As an example, over the past year I’ve probably been given well over 200 business cards (that’s a low estimate). I currently have only 37 in my business card holder because I decided I didn’t want or probably wouldn’t use the others.

Smart marketers consistently try to find ways to make themselves and/or their companies more memorable. Truthfully, many companies are outstanding in their fields and other companies or consumers would benefit greatly from their products or services… if only they could remember them after they initially hear about them.

Unfortunately, this is a common challenge faced by people in business and a traditional business card doesn’t resolve it.

The benefits of using a video business card

Instead of using traditional business cards, many people in business have started using digital versions to market themselves. Video business cards make a much stronger impact, and they definitely help companies and people in business become more memorable.

At first glance, a video business card looks like a glossy, business card sized printed brochure customized with information about the person who is distributing it and their company. However, when a recipient opens it, a video plays and powerfully brings to life a much more engaging presentation.

For a recipient, a video business card engages more senses than any other business card they’ve ever received. It will command their attention and they will enjoy watching and listening to it. Also, feedback indicates recipients regularly share them with others because they are so fascinating and unique.

Another benefit to using video business cards is that they are viewed more like impressive novelty items and keepsakes rather than throw-away marketing materials.

More benefits of using video business cards

People remember 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and 65% of what they see and hear. As a result, recollection skyrockets when videos are part of a marketing campaign or sales strategy.

Video business cards feel personal. They command attention, present messages in the best way (through the power of videos), and dramatically increase the chances of a person or company being remembered.

Furthermore, recipients don’t need electricity or the internet to watch them because they’re battery operated and rechargeable. They’re also easily reprogrammable whenever a user wants to change the video content.

Compared to a traditional business card, it is easy to understand how a video business card can be so much more effective.

Get your video business cards from MediaFast

A video business card can help individuals and companies stand out as much as video brochures and other modern video marketing products.

At MediaFast, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our products and they’ll definitely help you and your company stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, they’ll make you and your company more memorable. As a result, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased exposure, higher perceived value, and more revenue.

To learn more about video business cards or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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