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Do The Best Marketing With Stories

Telling stories is an excellent strategy in marketing because of the powerful affect they have on people. Why? Mostly because they increase feelings of trust, compassion, and empathy. They also motivate people to work with others and influence social behavior in positive ways. As a result, stories are highly effective at building connections.

Why Telling Stories Can Be So Powerful

As kids, most people get used to hearing stories. Then, as they get older, consuming information that way already seems comfortable.

On top of that, scientists have discovered that when people hear a well told story, their brain tends to react as if they’re experiencing it themselves. Basically, a listener’s brain places them inside the story. At the same time, stories make people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

According to scientists, stories are powerful because of what people usually feel when they hear ones that resonate with them. Specifically, increased levels of a hormone called oxytocin boost feelings of trust, compassion and empathy, all of which are feelings that help strengthen relationships. In fact, sometimes oxytocin is referred to as the “love hormone” because when people have an increased level of it, they feel more pleasure and happiness.

For these reasons, humans typically can’t resist a good story. Even going as far back as the Stone Age, humans painted stories on rocks and cave walls to ensure clear and memorable communication. Likewise, many leaders become great storytellers because it helps them become more influential. Also, humans discovered long ago that stories are one of the very best ways to teach important concepts, safe practices, and helpful procedures that can help people make the most out of life.

To capitalize on these benefits, successful companies tell stories in their marketing to create increased levels of oxytocin in consumers so they can capitalize on its affects.

Stories Help Companies Connect With Consumers

According to science, humans are biologically and neurologically wired to connect with stories. This is mostly why companies who use them are better able to connect with their most likely customers. This is also true for public speakers, teachers, coaches, trainers, parents, counselors, advisors, and many others who are considered to be good communicators.

For example, many companies find great success sharing case studies and success stories with consumers. In addition to giving companies an opportunity to share positive results actual users have experienced with their products or services, others who can benefit from them usually find those stories to be interesting.

When doing so, perhaps the best way to present a case study or success story is to portray the actual customer as a “hero” so to speak. During their introduction, their brief backstory should include what problem(s) they were experiencing before the product or service that resolved their problem(s) becomes the focus. Visuals throughout a presentation usually enhance it as well. Also, their job title, where they’re from, and what company they work for should be shared early in the presentation to establish credibility and make them relatable. Then, after enough has been presented to establish a connection between them and the audience, they should explain how the product or service made their life better. Remember, the better their story is told, the stronger the connection will be between the audience and your company.

Video Marketing Products Are Excellent For Telling Stories

Whether used for marketing, sales, teaching, or persuading someone to change their opinion, stories can be extremely powerful. They usually do a great job of retaining people’s attention, and they increase the likelihood that listeners will feel connected and motivated to help a cause or implement what they learn into their own lives. When making purchasing decisions, this can be very impactful.

According to the Harvard Business Review, stories told in videos are often the best way to capitalize on the power of persuasion. They are also sometimes the best way to communicate important points at times when they matter the most.

For companies who use videos, having the right platform to present them can strongly impact how impactful they become. Fortunately, Video Marketing Products are outstanding for that purpose. On top of that, they’re more affordable than many people think.

To learn more about MediaFast or any of the Video Marketing Products we offer, contact us today.

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