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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for First Look—The Diplomat Resort.

Do You Know Video Mailers Can Improve Training?

Without a doubt, training affects how much success companies enjoy and video mailers can make a significant improvement in it.

In the digital age we live in, companies have realized people pay more attention to videos than most other forms of interaction, especially when being trained. On top of that, videos allow them to constantly train their personnel in short segments without having to disrupt their time as much or having them even leave their work stations when tools like video brochures are used.

10 Ways Company Training Improves With Video Mailers

  1. Videos take less effort to watch than reading text, looking at motionless images, or studying diagrams when learning new information.
  2. More senses get engaged in humans when videos are watched and they often remember more of what they learn.
  3. By using images with sound and motion, videos have the ability to say and show more in less time (2 to 5 minute training videos are efficient and can be extremely effective).
  4. Videos are easier to pay attention to and have the ability to make concepts easier to understand.
  5. People feel companies who use videos are more modern and have a brighter future.
  6. Sending video mailers to employees in different locations saves thousands of dollars in travel expenses.
  7. Sending video mailers to employees in different locations saves significant amounts of time.
  8. Companies who produce training videos are able to control the quality of training that gets presented.
  9. Training videos allow viewers to rewind and re-watch segments of a video whenever necessary or desired.
  10. Access to training videos allows viewers to watch at times that are best for them.

In addition to these benefits, video mailers allow employees to watch training videos at their work stations. This allows them to emulate the training while they are learning, which makes a great difference in how well they learn and how much they remember, and prevents them from having to be away from their work station for very long. It’s easily more efficient and definitely better use of their time.

A Success Story With Video Mailers and Company Training

We recently had one of our customers tell us how their company has experienced great success throughout their organization by using video mailers for training. Here is what they told us:

  1. They focus their training videos on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). This helps them make certain their employees get constant training on topics and processes that significantly affect their level of performance.
  2. They limit the length of their videos to under three minutes. By doing so, their employees believe the videos don’t take up much of their time. This also helps them remain focused on a specific point so even people with short attention spans have a better chance of remaining focused throughout the entire video.
  3. These short video training segments have become a regular part of their processes each week.
  4. Video mailers allow the employees to gather together at their workstations and learn together instead of having training sessions be such a disruption.
  5. The company uses actual employees in the videos so viewers feel a better connection with whoever is presenting the training.

With efficiency in mind, using video mailers to distribute training makes a lot of sense. It’s a very modern way to perform such an important task, and it saves time and money in several different ways.

MediaFast Video Mailers Can Make A Great Impact

In a world where attention spans seem to be shorter than ever, people now feel like they have less time to complete their tasks and finish all of the things on their to-do lists. To offset this, communication in videos has become extremely popular due to how efficient it is.

With respect to company training, the most effective training videos are usually short and focused on key performance indicators that significantly affect the level of performance by employees. Content that could be viewed as a distraction is limited, if not completely avoided, and only information relative to an employees work responsibilities is included.

By using video mailers to distribute training videos, employees are able to learn without even having to leave their work stations or be distracted by something that takes them away from their main responsibilities for very long. On top of that, the video content on video mailers can be changed easily with most PC or laptops so the same units can be used over and over again.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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