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This is an image of a video camera filming a businesswoman sitting behind a desk making a presentation.

Do You Understand Video Marketing Strategies?

Here we are in January of 2019 and video marketing has done exactly what many people predicted. Videos are a powerful force companies have continued to rely on more and more because of how effective they are for many different purposes.

If you’re already using videos for your company, awesome! If you’re not, hopefully after reading this you’ll feel comfortable enough to start because ROI with them is outstanding. To learn more about what makes videos so effective, follow this link: Why You Should Spend Money On Video Marketing

Why video marketing is such a great strategy

For marketers, videos provide the ideal format for content consumption. They’ve proven to be the most efficient, effective way to convey messages, illustrate complex ideas and influence decision-makers. On top of that, people love them.

It’s also easy for companies to justify spending money on video marketing for the following reasons:

  • Marketers who use videos increase revenue twice as fast as those who don’t.
  • Videos dramatically boost traffic from search engines.
  • Landing pages with videos are much more likely to increase conversions than those that don’t include them.
  • Videos in emails increase click-through rates substantially.
  • Online viewers spend more time on websites with videos than those that don’t include them.
  • B2B marketers report significantly better results when they use videos as part of their strategies.

I didn’t include statistics in those bullet points because they say 88% of statistics are made up (see what I did there). While the percentages included in most reports about video marketing and its effectiveness are pretty gaudy, those points can be supported by any simple Google search. The point is, video marketing has proven to be a very profitable strategy and most companies enjoy great success using it.

Different strategies of video marketing

Because they are so dynamic, videos can be used to promote products, concepts, opportunities and services better than most other forms of communication. For example, here is a list of ways they excel:

  • To tell stories: People love stories and they’re great when used in marketing. The magic combination of images, sound and motion only makes them better and some of the best stories ever have been shared in videos.
  • To communicate hard-to-explain concepts: When it comes to explaining or demonstrating concepts that may be difficult to explain, animated videos are ideal. Animation can bend the laws of nature and bring concepts to life in ways that words, images, or video footage of real people or objects simply cannot.
  • To personalize messages: When videos are filmed at business locations or places where events actually take place, messages presented in them add a human touch and make them even more interesting. Interviews, testimonials, demonstrations, promotions and messages are enhanced significantly when on-location footage is shared in videos.
  • To present demonstrations: To put it simply, the majority of people would rather learn how to use something or perform a task by watching a demonstration in real circumstances than read or follow motionless images or instructions about it.
  • To increase trust and likability: People tend to believe what they see, and it’s easier to trust what they see. On top of that, because people love videos, companies who share them tend to be more likable.
  • To share public opinion: Similar to how online reviews influence so many people, so do videos sharing testimonials or promoting conferences, shows, events, political opinions, and various other messages like the ones commonly seen on social media.
  • To present explainer videos: Thorough explanations of products, services and opportunities can be shared in videos much faster than in other ways to explain them.
  • To share blogs: While people still like to read blogs online (thankfully since you and I are both contributing to this), they also love to watch people talk about concepts as well as products, services and opportunities while on camera.
  • To present highlights: People enjoy watching highlights of trade shows, private events, sporting events, celebrations, artistic performances, ceremonies and conferences about topics such as religion or technology. Business opportunities increase when footage is used to attract interest in viewers from these types of things.

There are definitely other ways to use videos, but these strategies offer a pretty thorough explanation of ways companies have used them to produce great results in the past several years.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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