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This is a video brochure and video mailer for CornerStone Staffing.

Do Your Best Advertising and Marketing with Video Mailers

If you’re familiar with Video Mailers, chances are you’ve heard you can do your best advertising and marketing with them. For instance, one of our clients had them produce a 70% increase in closed business. It’s also common for them to produce as high as a 66% increase in response rates.

What’s more, one of the ways we’ll help is to mail them for you. That’s right! It’s a big job, and instead of you taking on such an unfamiliar burden, we’ll use our expertise and take it on for you. To learn more, click Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You.

How To Do Your Best Advertising and Marketing

As effective as they are, the primary reason Video Mailers are excellent in advertising and marketing is because they capitalize on the power of videos.

In fact, most of our clients wish they would have discovered them sooner. Whether that’s because they’re innovative, attention-grabbing and impressive… Or because they combine the best of print advertising with video content… Or possibly because they’re still novel… They’re extremely effective.

With that said, at the end of the day, if companies aren’t getting qualified leads from the advertising or marketing strategies they’re using, they’re just throwing money away. However, since you’re more aware, Video Mailers can help you avoid that.

For instance, here’s a testimonial from one of our clients.

How Not To Do Your Best Advertising and Marketing

To be successful in general, advertising and marketing are necessary for most businesses. Trying their best, they spend thousands of dollars on websites, Google ads, postcards, magazine ads, SEO, social media, and other forms of advertising and marketing year after year.

However, if the leads they receive from those tactics don’t convert into paying customers, which happens far too often, they get frustrated and sometimes even stop spending money on advertising or marketing altogether. Unfortunately, that is not a good decision.

The best choice is to accept advertising and marketing as necessary business practices and to find a solution that works like Video Mailers have proven to do.

Also, if you think that spending $20 to $65 per unit is too expensive, which is less than it typically costs to take a prospect out to lunch or dinner, then that opinion will cause you to miss out on results like this…

Case Study: Cornerstone Staffing Solutions

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is a leading industrial recruitment agency in Las Vegas, NV. Effectively, they place qualified professionals into great career opportunities with top employers.

Regarding their marketing, after years of success with emails, letters, messages and in-person visits, their salespeople were struggling to get meetings with many of their top prospects. “It was almost like the well had run dry,” said one of their executives.

Determined to end their struggles, they began looking for a new, modern marketing strategy… One that included videos, and one that would be too attention-grabbing for their prospects to ignore. Then, after meeting with MediaFast, they purchased 50 Hardcover Video Mailers and had their salespeople distribute them to their top prospects.

According to their feedback, responses began coming in almost immediately. For instance, here’s a testimonial from one of their salespeople. “I have been trying to get a hold of (this) company for months now with no luck. Then I sent their CEO the video brochure mailer and he all of the sudden called me to set up an appointment! Yay!”

In addition, they also followed up with recipients who didn’t respond within a week and were greeted with more good news. So, they ordered 150 more to see if their success would continue. When the results were similar, they made Video Mailers a key part of their annual marketing campaigns.

Examples of Video Brochures and Video Mailers

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are some Video Brochures and Video Mailers we’ve made for clients.

Do Your Best Advertising and Marketing with Video Mailers

If you work in advertising and marketing and you’d like to find the perfect strategy to produce the best results, Video Mailers are the ideal solution.

Why? Because they’re extremely effective at opening doors for salespeople; at drawing responses from recipients — even ones who typically ghost salespeople who try to connect with them; at escalating the perceived value of companies along with the products or services they sell; at getting videos seen and heard by decision-makers in target audiences; and at shortening sales cycles.

Seriously, they have the same effect as TV commercials, only they cost much less and can be significantly more targeted.

After reading this, if you’d like to use Video Mailers to capitalize on how they’ll help you do your best advertising and marketing, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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