DVDs Last Longer than Memory

Family reunions are all about memories – reminiscing about old memories and making new ones too.  Unfortunately, our memories tend to fade with time, but fortunately, DVDs don’t!  Capture priceless family moments on film (both still and action) and preserve them on DVDs for all family members to enjoy!

Moments that Matter

Family reunions are packed with fun times that need to be remembered forever.  Make capturing these moments a big part of your reunion.  Keep a video camera running at all times and make sure you get lots of pictures during family activities.  Leave disposable cameras or inexpensive digital ones lying about for kids to use.  It’s amazing what kids can uncover when you put a camera in their hands.

And NEVER miss out on an opportunity to film a prank!

Camera Games

You can even play games that use cameras.  Camera musical chairs, for example, is a great game.  Put a camera on timer on a tripod in front of one chair (at a safe distance) and whoever gets their photo snapped gets out.  Or, put the camera on video and pass it around the circle, making everyone make a face for the camera before they can pass it on.  Set an alarm, or use music to determine who gets out.

Play this, photo tag, or any other camera game you can think.


Throughout your family reunion, make every family member do an interview for the camera.  It could be serious, silly, spontaneous, or scripted.  Just make sure you get everyone’s face and something they say to keep forever.

Transferring to DVD

Now that you have all this great footage and photos, make sure someone takes the time to compile it all together into a video/slideshow of your family reunion.  And instead of wasting time and money trying to make dozens of copies on your own, send your DVD over to MediaFast!  We can make professional copies of your DVDs, including artwork and packaging, and get them back to you quickly.

With these DVDs, everyone can relive the reunion and revel in the love and festivities of your family!