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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Air Products.

Elements Of A Great Video For Your Video Brochure

People love videos, and when companies who make them know the elements of a great video for their marketing and advertising purposes, their videos usually produce much better results.

Strategically, videos combine images with sound and motion to engage more senses in viewers, which helps them feel more interesting. They’re also able to say and show more in less time, and most people prefer watching videos to learn about products, services or opportunities. As a result, they’re considered to be more user-friendly and they perform better than most other communication strategies companies have traditionally used in business.

Elements of a Great Video for Your Video Brochure

Video Brochures have taken the marketing world by storm over the past five years or so. By now, you’ve probably heard about them, but in case you haven’t, click this link to learn more: Why Leaving Video Brochures With Prospects Is Smart

When it comes to knowing what a video in a Video Brochure should say, here are elements of a great video for your Video Brochure:

  • From the very beginning, it needs to be easy for anyone to understand. For videos to be the most effective, they need to quickly tell viewers three things: 1) What you offer; 2) How it will make their life better; 3) What they need to do to buy it. From the moment they decide to watch, those are the questions viewers will be asking themselves the entire time they’re watching. Right away in the introduction, it’s best to say what you do without getting cute. Cute and clever don’t sell products, services, or opportunities nearly as well as clarity. Use simple language that’s easy for anyone to understand. For example, a phrase like “Become the real estate agent everyone else will be jealous of” will perform super well.
  • Have a clear Call-To-Action that isn’t passive. It’s best not to worry about seeming arrogant or coming on too strong when making a call-to-action. Viewers normally won’t take it that way anyway. The most effective calls-to-action are strong and clear. They direct viewers to what companies want them to do next without being scared to say it. For example, some very effective ones are: “Buy Now”, “Subscribe Now”, “Talk To A Representative”, or “Schedule An Appointment”.
  • Reference failure by telling them what bad thing will happen if they don’t buy from you. This is not to be threatening. What this means is it is highly effective to tell viewers what problem your product, service, or opportunity will solve for them. For example, “Don’t you deserve to know how you can perform your best as a real estate agent?” Questions or statements like this are what often creates an attraction to your brand.
  • Reference success by telling them what great thing will happen if they buy from you. Since this is what they’re hoping to find out from the very beginning, tell them directly and clearly without being passive about it. For example, phrases like “You’ll learn how to get more clients” or “You’ll learn how to make your clients happier so they’ll give you referrals” or “You’ll make more money” work extremely well.
  • End by telling them the specific plan to move forward and spelling it out. By the time you get to the closing, they should be considering paying you for your product, service, or opportunity. The get them to actually do it, it will make a huge difference if you make it easy for them to understand what they’ll get and what they’ll need to do to get it. For example, if one segment of your services is about advertising as a real estate agent, have templates for signs, flyers, and digital ads where they’ll just need to plug in their custom information to use them. The primary goal here is to let them see how easy it will be to do business with you.

By using these elements in a video in a Video Brochure, it will optimize it’s performance so companies can enjoy greater results.

Get An Outstanding Video Brochure From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand how important marketing and advertising are on the overall financial health of companies. With this in mind, we know what it takes to get effective video marketing and advertising products printed, manufactured, and delivered on time.

In addition, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of the Video Marketing Products we sell to ensure the best reliability.

As a way for companies to engage their most likely customers, we can’t recommend a strategy more than using Video Brochures and let them know about the products, services, and opportunities they sell.

To use a great video to maximize the performance of your Video Brochure or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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