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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Aisleworx Media.

Engaging Prospects is Easier with Video Mailers

Making contact with the right prospects often determines how successful companies become, and in today’s digital world, using videos has proven to be an excellent strategy.

With that said, the first step for companies who use videos is for their marketing departments to determine how to optimize the number of views their videos will receive from ideal prospects. Video mailers have proven to be excellent for that purpose, and many of our customers have shared with us how much more successful they’ve become because of how well their video mailers have performed.

Why marketing to ideal prospects is important

Marketing is defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Basically, anytime someone is hoping to gain something from someone else (either money or something of value in return), any action they take in an effort to get what they want is marketing.

Companies stand to benefit the most from marketing at the very moment their ideal prospects decide they want or need the products, services, or opportunities they offer. To become memorable, marketing is often necessary. Otherwise, when companies don’t market themselves, they risk losing their best prospects, and any others for that matter, to their competitors who have found ways to make themselves more memorable.

For example, the reason extremely successful companies like Budweiser, Pantene, and L’Oréal continue to spend so much money on marketing is because they understand the importance of it. They know that if they don’t promote themselves, even their most loyal customers can give into the temptation to try products made by their competitors who do promote what they have to offer. However, by continuing to engage consumers through marketing strategies, they keep their brand on the minds of their current customers and increase their chances of gaining new ones.

Why video mailers are so effective

  1. Video mailers provide an impressive way for companies to deliver video brochures.
  2. When received, video mailers are practically impossible for recipients to ignore.
  3. For most companies, one sale usually recovers the $20 to $65 per unit it costs to use video mailers.
  4. Video mailers make it easier for companies to engage targeted prospects who may be difficult to reach.
  5. Co-workers and decision makers regularly share video brochures with each other.
  6. Video mailers are viewed as impressive, novel marketing pieces and rarely ever get thrown away by recipients.
  7. Because video brochures and video mailers have to be picked back up, they provide a perfect reason for a follow-up appointment.
  8. Videos allow companies to control the quality of how their messages are presented.
  9. Recipients appreciate the convenience video mailers provide since they do not require electricity or an internet connection.
  10. Video mailers and video brochures have proven to convert prospects faster than most traditional sales tactics.

Marketing is easier with video mailers

Videos grab attention, peak curiosity, and make messages more memorable. They are also most people’s preferred method of learning, and many companies report a higher ROI when videos are included in their marketing strategies.

For companies who understand the importance of marketing, having state-of-the-art video marketing products like video mailers to distribute to their most likely customers can substantially increase revenue. It can also boost company moral and increase employee retention because in some ways, video brochures and video mailers make people’s jobs more enjoyable and perhaps even easier.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today!

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