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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Corporate Chaplains.

Expert Advice On How To Use Video Brochures

Video brochures combine the power of videos with the class of printed packaging to deliver messages with a WOW factor. They generate exceptional ROI, and they’re less expensive than many people think.

With them, companies can more effectively reach targeted prospects, engage hard to reach decision-makers, efficiently distribute training, increase the effectiveness of salespeople, and have messages listened to and not just heard by more people.

Effectively, video brochures help companies execute many best-practices in business and provide a great solution to several of the challenges they might face. To learn more, follow this link: Ways To Use Video Brochures.

Advice from an expert on how to use video brochures

After bursting onto the scene a handful of years ago, video brochures have become extremely popular in the business world. We’ve sold thousands of them to many happy customers, and by inventing MediaBük video brochures, we firmly established ourselves as one of the innovators and leaders in the industry.

Often, we get asked for advice on how to use video brochures. After receiving samples or hearing about them from others, what naturally tends to happen is potential users recognize how awesome they are but can’t quite figure out how to best use them in their own companies. Interestingly, and this happens often, as soon as they use them for one purpose, they quickly realize how useful they can be for other purposes and order more (but that’s a different topic for another time).

As an example, the following is a summary of communication between Bill Diaz, Vice President of Sales at MediaFast, and a potential customer:

Hi Bill!

We are having a marketing strategy meeting next Tuesday…this is my year to “go national”.  Or at least give it my best shot! BRAINSTORMING!

How would you use the video ad sample you sent…how have others used it…and send out to whom…

If you had to try to pitch my program…how would you use it?

Hi Nancy!

That’s awesome!!

Here is my take. Your targets are HR Managers at corporations and C suite executives. I would create a super clean/modern design video brochure. What do I mean by clean/modern? Not a lot of copy (text) on the video brochure. Needs to have your logo, slogan, contact info on the back… That’s it. Your video is what will sell them into calling you. 

Video – there is an overwhelming desire to enclose a video telling the entire story…not good. You will lose them after 1.5 minutes. So we suggest an opening video 30/45 seconds… It’s the who we are and what we do (quick overview)… Grab their interest and get them to view the next video. The 2nd video should be 45 seconds tops. This video is “how we do what we do”… Once again, an overview so they can envision how your company can be a solution for them. 3rd and last video is the call to action with a quick testimonial “this worked for me/us and a quick why it worked” and “you need to call them” (you).

Targets – I would create a list of the top 100 accounts you consider to be prime prospects. Find a key person and mail them a video brochure. Once the piece arrives, follow up with a call to ensure they received it and then a supplementary email with more specific information. After a week, call to determine if they are interested in face time with you (your team). If not, kindly request the sample be returned. They will usually return it without any issues. However, we find sometimes people become possessive when senders ask to take something of value back and then they mentally do a double-check that your program is not for them “at this time”… It’s “no” today…not for ever!

That’s my take….happy to jump on a call with you and your marketing brain trust should you like that.

A wealth of knowledge in one short email from an expert

In his reply, Bill Diaz pinpointed some keys to success when using video brochures.

  • He gave design suggestions so the company will understand the importance of initially identifying who they are and what they are offering without overwhelming viewers. (Often, when it comes to advertising, less is better to begin a relationship.)
  • He suggested the potential customer rely on the power of videos. (They combine sight, sound, and motion to make messages more engaging, memorable, and enjoyable… and people love videos.)
  • He referenced how video brochures can include multiple videos. (Different buttons can be pushed to activate them.)
  • He pointed out the importance of keeping videos short. (Attention spans are now shorter than ever and people are mostly interested in learning how a company can help them instead of being shown facts, statistics, or the history and values of a company trying to sell to them.)
  • He referenced having a Call-To-Action, which is key to getting a response from potential customers and having them move further down a sales funnel.
  • He suggested making an extensive list of targeted prospects. (We never know who will become our customer or who else someone might know. It is important not to get too discouraged when a targeted prospect says “no”, and it is just as important to continue working to engage other prospects. Having a long list increases hope and the chances of getting referrals.)
  • He gave advice on following up. (Did you know over 80% of sales are made after the 5th follow-up?)

This is all golden information given by someone who has helped thousands of people with marketing advice. For years, he has seen what works and what doesn’t work on a regular basis in the industry, and he is one of the assets MediaFast has to offer to potential clients.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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