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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Eifrig Group.

For Best Results, Mail Your Video In A Video Mailer

If you have a great video and just need a way to get the right people to watch it, mailing it in a video mailer is an excellent strategy.

How Using Video Mailers Can Be So Profitable

Over the past several years, video brochures have become increasingly popular. There are many excellent ways to use video brochures, and they’ve proven to produce outstanding ROI for most users. To learn more, please click this link: Be Visible, Credible, and Profitable With Video Brochures

While video brochures can be easily distributed, not all prospects are easy to reach. In those circumstances, mailing video brochures as video mailers can be the best possible solution.

As you can see, there is space available for the recipient’s address as well as plenty of branding from the sender. That tends to make the entire package even more appealing, and video mailers are often simply too hard for people who receive them to ignore.

Briefly, here are some of the benefits of sending a video mailer:

  • The entire presentation of a message in a video mailer is much more interesting than a typical marketing piece.
  • Instead of arriving in packaging that includes branding from UPS, FedEx or any other shipping company, the packaging on a video mailer only includes branding from the sender so they receive all of the focus.
  • Video mailers tend to get more attention than other direct mail pieces because they’re so novel.
  • They increase the likelihood that targeted executives will watch a video sent directly to them.
  • Recipients who receive video mailers tend to feel special because someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology directly to their attention.
  • The perceived value of companies who send video mailers seems to escalate in the eyes of recipients.
  • Video brochures sent in video mailers can be conveniently shared among co-workers and decision-makers.
  • Companies maintain more control over how their messages get presented in video mailers.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see how video mailers are so profitable for companies who use them.

Why Video Mailers Work So Well On Targeted Prospects

As you probably already know, videos are superstars in marketing. They seem to be the magic ingredient in emails, online content and video marketing products that increase open and response rates. They definitely help companies stand out from competitors as well, and people simply enjoy watching them.

By capitalizing on the power of videos, video mailers are classy, impressive, and excellent for marketing. They’re also fully customizable so users can make the greatest possible impression on their target audience while using them.

Profoundly, where video mailers make the greatest impact is in the presentation of messages. Not only do they make them more intriguing so recipients actually want to watch them, but they also help them receive much more attention. In a world where messages need a way to stand out because of all of the marketing that takes place, videos and video mailers definitely make that happen.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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