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From Swag To Videos – Marketing Best Practices

There is an old rule in marketing called The Marketing Rule of 7, and it still holds true today with potential buyers who can be influenced by different types of marketing. According to it, a potential buyer needs to see or hear a message seven times before they will take action to make a purchase.

It can be said that no one has ever consciously purchased a product or service from someone they didn’t even know existed. Usually, potential buyers need to know about a company and what they have to offer before making a purchase. To accomplish this, companies use marketing tactics to create familiarity with their brand, and The Marketing Rule of 7 has proven to be a successful rule to follow for many decades.

The Marketing Rule of 7 is a great rule to follow

The Marketing Rule of 7 forces companies to plan a strategy for how to reach potential buyers over and over again. During the planning process, it is beneficial to develop a strategy from a numbers standpoint regarding which marketing techniques to use to turn potential buyers into customers.

Through research, companies will come to understand the messages they send to cold prospects will vary greatly from the messages they send to someone with whom they already have a relationship. Also, they will learn that their messages can change based on the behavior of potential buyer’s in response to their techniques.

Furthermore, the marketing strategies they use should vary as well. Email is an effective way to market quickly or consistently for some products or services. Blogs are an excellent way to offer free content to build trust without a sales pitch. Newsletters can provide reliable industry information to help create relationships. Images and videos are excellent for telling stories and sharing testimonials as well as reinforcing a brand in a potential buyer’s mind. Company swag like t-shirts, hats, pens, and USB flash drives are hard to beat when it comes to branding. Also, trade shows and conferences are useful for helping potential buyers keep up to date in an industry while also providing excellent opportunities for networking. And finally, traditional forms of print marketing and newer forms of video marketing excel at keeping a company’s brand in the forefront of potential buyer’s minds.

As a general rule, it is helpful to look at The Marketing Rule of 7 on an individual level first with one marketing strategy and then progress to targeting groups with multiple strategies soon afterwards. Through periods of time with consistency, companies will find what works best for them and they can modify their plans and techniques as they go. The key to the entire process, though, is to remember the number 7 and keep marketing.

Remember the number 7 and keep marketing

It is simple to say “remember the number 7 and keep marketing”. However, without seeing positive results early on, it is sometimes hard to keep going before the revenue begins to come in to offset the expense.

In business, there is no comfort in growth and no growth in comfort. This statement may not be completely true 100% of the time, but it is true a lot of the time. We’ve experienced it, and we know many other companies have as well.

Just as there are fortunes in the number of follow-ups salespeople give to potential buyers, there are fortunes in the number of times companies engage potential buyers with marketing techniques as well. The Marketing Rule of 7 has been proven over and over again since it was formulated back in the 1930’s, and it does work.

MediaFast can help with marketing best practices

Knowing how to make your company brand unforgettable can lead to great success. When people need or want something, the first thoughts they have center around who they know or where they know to get it. Then they analyze their thoughts and decide how to proceed. If they think of you or your company at that right time, you have a great chance of getting their business.

Both print and video marketing are excellent at making brands unforgettable, and we specialize in both. Our products are superior, made with only brand new, Grade A, non-recycled components to ensure the best quality. Also, we keep our prices affordable, and customer service and satisfaction are our highest priorities.

To learn more about our products or what we know about everything from swag to videos and marketing best practices, contact us today.

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