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Genius Marketing – Include Videos With Swag, Samples or Gifts

Do you use swag, samples or gifts in your marketing? Or would you like to? If yes, wouldn’t you like to make that strategy even more effective?

If so, here’s how: By combining them with videos in a Video Box.

Video Box Examples

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are examples of Video Boxes we’ve created for clients.

Notice how the interiors are customized to hold the contents in place. That’s something that sets us apart from our competitors. Rather than have our client’s swag, samples or gifts sliding around and then getting presented with tissue paper or styrofoam puffs, we believe the presentations are far more classy in a customized interior.

To learn more, click Why Using A Video Box Is Top-Level Marketing.

Genius Marketing with Swag, Samples or Gifts

In the digital age we live in, working in marketing can be a cool career. Basically, it’s a profession that allows creative individuals to use their creativity, which is fun, while the industry is now getting more and more technical.

For instance, a marketer can start with a creative idea, use their phone to make a video about it, and then share it with the world on a variety of platforms… All without leaving their home or office unless they want to.

Likewise, they get paid for brainstorming, writing, publicizing, and building relationships. Plus, they can have fun while simultaneously helping their companies and consumers.

With that said, I realize it’s not a stress-free job. Nor is it like a party every day. However, it can be fun and exciting… And the massive contribution it makes to a company’s bottom line makes it very fulfilling work.

In a nutshell, the job description of a marketer is to present meaningful stories they either create or dig up from day-to-day life in a way people will want to read, listen to, or watch. There’s all sorts of meaning and emotion included in their work, and it matters a great deal.

All the while, marketers are constantly trying to discover new concepts and ideas that will make them look brilliant—like Video Boxes. And when they find them and the ROI they produce is outstanding, they look like geniuses.

Video Box for RW Quarantunes

The goal of RW Quarantunes is to give back and raise awareness for organizations heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. What started out as something fun and a way to lift spirits quickly changed into a very large and impactful philanthropic endeavor.

For instance, for those who benefited from their help, they raised over 35 million dollars. Awesome, huh?

The following is the Video Box we created with them to help raise funds.

Video Boxes Produce Genius Marketing Results

Distributing samples and gifts has been an excellent marketing strategy probably since the beginning of the human race. In other words, let ‘em see, taste or feel what you’ve got, and the likelihood of them wanting more increases.

Also, decision-makers tend to love videos. For instance, 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once per week, and they’ll watch more if they’re available about things they’re thinking about purchasing. On top of that, a call-to-action in a video is notably stronger, with 65% of executives contacting a vendor soon after watching one of theirs.

With that said, many of our clients mail swag, samples or gifts to their prospects instead of emailing them. Why? Because unlike emails, they don’t require their consent to receive.

In other words, you can send mail to or call anyone. And, swag, samples or gifts work so much better in Video Boxes because of the power of videos. As a result, ROI with them is excellent.

For example, here’s a testimonial shared by one of our clients from a customer of his.

“I opened the marketing package that you sent and holy mackerel it is so cool!! My kids were freaking out. My fifteen year old is studying marketing and was like, ‘Oh my gosh this is so cool!’ I want to let you know it is absolutely awesome… I am going to be showing everybody at SLA, it is really cool. You guys really knocked it out of the park! Kudos! Great job! Tell your folks who designed it they did a KILLER job!”

Video Box for Success From Anywhere

Success From Anywhere is a book about what would happen to your team, and your organization, if everyone knew how to change the game—and make success a daily occurrence.

To distribute to influencers and others who would help promote it, the following is a Video Box we created for them.

Get Excellent Video Boxes From MediaFast

After receiving a Video Box, recipients are fully engaged in the marketing that has come their way. Their senses for sight, sound, touch and motion are completely aroused. It’s like they’re watching a TV commercial with swag, samples or gifts that go along with it, and they’re totally impressed.

That said, in today’s digital world, Video Marketing tends to be more rewarding than most other strategies.

Why? Because videos grab attention. Consumers enjoy learning from them, and they have a way of motivating viewers to make purchases better than motionless content.

Plus, they’re usually appreciated more than print marketing materials. Consumers like it when companies make videos available, and most of them choose to learn from them rather than other forms of communication.

So, to get your target audience to watch your videos, our Video Boxes, Video Brochures and Video Mailers have only a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent). That’s far superior in our industry. 

We accomplish that by using only brand new, Grade A components to make them. Plus, we test them thoroughly before shipping them to our clients, or distributing them to their clients, and we include a one-year full warranty to stand behind them.

After reading this, if you’d like to do genius marketing with Video Boxes, or to learn more, contact us today.

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