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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sonburst Communication.

Get Excellent Results From Video Mailers

Video mailers have proven to produce excellent results when used for marketing and advertising. Essentially, they’re video brochures that come with custom packaging for the purpose of mailing them, which is much better for branding than packaging from FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service.

Also, they tend to feel like gifts to recipients, and they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to direct mail pieces.

Top Reasons To Use MediaFast Video Mailers

In addition to capitalizing on the power of videos, MediaFast video mailers combine the best of print advertising and direct mail marketing. They deliver a “WOW” factor unmatched by almost any other media used for those purposes, and ROI with them has proven to be outstanding.

One of the greatest strengths they possess is the ease in which they get past “gate-keepers”. For valid reasons, many decision-makers have people who run interference for them with salespeople and/or marketers who are trying to get some of their time and attention. Receptionists are great for this, as are mailroom clerks and executive assistants. However, probably the most effective thing video mailers do is impress them enough to become a priority. Then, as a result, they successfully make it into the hands of decision-makers and go about delivering the “WOW” factor referenced above. While engaging decision-makers can sometimes be one of the most challenging dilemmas companies face, video mailers provide a great solution to overcome it.

On top of that, video mailers have the ability to achieve the exact purpose of marketing, which is to help companies be the first to come to mind when potential customers want or need what they offer. Direct mail marketing has long been a successful strategy in business, and while it is still somewhat effective, its results have dramatically improved since someone had the brilliant idea to add videos to traditional printed brochures.

Essentially, video mailers peak curiosity, captivate recipients, and usually draw high response rates. They tend to perform much better than most other media used for marketing and advertising, and the influence they make on recipients makes them well worth the money it costs to have them. What’s more, they even make sales themselves sometimes.

Secret To Why Video Mailers Are So Effective

As you’re probably already aware, videos have become superstars in marketing. They’re essentially the magic ingredient in emails, online content, and video marketing products that create an increase in open and response rates and impressively help companies stand out from competitors.

It’s safe to say that in many occasions, the way something is presented makes all the difference in how a recipient views it. We’ve seen video mailers produce some of the greatest reactions, and companies who use them often feel ecstatic about how well they perform.

In addition to capitalizing on the novelty affect they generate, video mailers make presentations more powerful, impressive, and enjoyable. They’ve also been known to cause recipients to feel special, appreciated and valued (none of which is a bad thing).

What tends to happen the moment a recipient receives a video mailer is they immediately feel caught off guard. Then they feel impressed. Then, after they open it and the video starts playing, the feel even more impressed. Afterwards, they usually can’t wait to show it to co-workers and other decision-makers. Then meetings with whoever sent it to them tend to happen fairly quickly. Are there any other types of marketing media that deliver such impactful results?

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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