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This is a group of MediaFast video boxes for Xyngular, Domo, and doTerra.

Get New Clients With A Custom Video Box

Video content has become a staple in marketing, and now we can help our clients get new clients for themselves with a custom video box.

A video box can be thought of as an “influencer kit”. It can also be referred to as a video gift box, a video player box, a screen-in box or a video box mailer. Samples and gifts can be included, and the results we’ve seen with them are outstanding. Truthfully, there aren’t many better ways to influence and/or impress potential clients.

What is a custom video box

A custom video box is highly effective at getting the attention of decision makers and creating a “WOW” factor sometimes necessary to begin valuable relationships.

Recently, one of our highly successful software clients partnered with Stance Socks to make a video box they could use to target specific recipients. Our client has excellent software used by many great companies, but they still sometimes need ways to connect with decision makers at other companies who they believe would benefit from what they have to offer.

When our client explained their idea to us, they already understood the effectiveness of videos in marketing. What they didn’t know was that we could provide a “turn-key” process to help them throughout the entire operation so their targeted recipients would receive a video box like what they had envisioned.

After they shared their idea, we asked questions to make sure we understood their goals. Then we brainstormed together, evaluated our options, and proceeded to use our experience and resources to create a custom video box maybe even better than what they were expecting.

“Sometimes success is a direct result of how something is presented,” said Amy Hafen, owner of MediaFast. “We really care about the results our clients receive from their campaigns, and we’ll tirelessly use our experience and resources to create the best marketing products they can find.”

From the size of the video screen to the packaging, every component of a video box is customizable. It takes approximately four to six weeks to create and distribute them, and we always do our best to keep our prices affordable.

How a custom video box can help your business

In business, it is usually advantageous to have an edge. Sending a custom video box in the mail to your most highly targeted prospects can make it possible for you to finally connect with them. It will allow you to take advantage of the power of videos, and your recipients will feel like they are practically receiving a gift.

You can share samples, gifts, marketing materials and company videos in a video box so recipients can sufficiently experience what your company has to offer.

Mailing video boxes is an excellent way to engage potential clients, and they’ll help your company make an impression that will stick.

Also, feedback indicates recipients won’t be able to resist opening them, and the ROI should be outstanding.

Get new clients with a custom video box

One of the best ways to get more clients for your business is to use videos. The combination of audio and visual content will set you apart from your competitors, and it has been reported that people believe companies who use videos know how to better connect with them.

From what we’ve witnessed, engaging a targeted prospect with a video box has been extremely effective.

We can help you get them scripted, produced, printed, manufactured and even distributed at an affordable cost. Also, we only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products to ensure the best quality, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Truthfully, we can be a great company resource for you.

To learn more about how a video box can help you and your business, contact us today.

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