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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for First American Mortgage Solutions.

Get The Best ROI From Video Brochures

Video brochures are generating the best ROI for companies around the world. If fact, most other marketing materials aren’t performing even close to as well.

One of the biggest reasons for their success is they provide a brilliant combination of audio and visual allowing them to have practically the same affect as a TV commercial. However, they cost much less and are far more convenient for sharing with most likely customers or highly targeted prospects.

Reasons video brochures generate the best ROI

  • Videos attract and hold attention. They also do a much better job of telling stories and delivering messages, and companies have learned that videos strongly influence people’s buying decisions.
  • People are more interested in videos. In today’s world, videos have become more and more popular. The majority of people would much rather watch a video about something than read or listen about it.
  • Videos make messages unforgettable. By engaging the senses of vision and hearing with elements in motion, videos arouse more emotions and make messages more interesting and memorable. People remember much more of what they see and hear in videos than what they remember from looking at motionless images or reading still words.
  • People view and respond greater to marketing with videos. New age marketing materials like video brochures are much more interesting to recipients. Marketing materials with videos tend to win the battle for attention and are far less likely to get thrown away or set aside than more traditional forms of marketing.
  • Videos are excellent for increasing brand recognition. Truthfully, it is hard to put a dollar amount on brand recognition. Videos are a highly effective, more modern way to get people to recognize and remember a specific brand over others.
  • Videos enhance processes for many business procedures. Videos are helpful to use in sales, advertising, marketing, branding, recruiting, training, educating, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and sharing testimonials.
  • Video brochures are ideal for targeting specific recipients. Videos are made even more effective when the right people see them. One fantastic way to ensure that happens is to give video brochures to your most likely customers and highly targeted prospects. They won’t be able to resist watching them, and they’ll be impressed by your efforts to acknowledge them and use of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Video brochures are highly cost effective to make and distribute. When compared to other forms of marketing, branding, recruiting, training, educating, motivating, fundraising, entertaining and advertising, video brochures are much less expensive when all costs are considered.
  • Video brochures can be watched anywhere at any time. They don’t require an internet connection or electricity, and a company representative doesn’t have to be present for recipients to watch and listen to them.
  • Video brochures can be reprogrammed, repurposed, and/or reused. The printed content will remain the same, but the video content can be easily changed with a MAC or PC. This means companies don’t have to reorder or replace them. Instead, they can continue to use the same units with updated video content to keep their messages current with whatever they wish to present.
  • Video brochures keep messages consistent. Feedback indicates video brochures are generally watched in groups of 5 or more and shared with other decision-makers. They keep a company’s messages consistent and equally impressive without the risk of them being experienced in a less effective, second-hand nature.
  • Video brochures create the perfect way to get follow-up appointments. Over 80% of sales are converted after the 4th follow-up but less than 12% of people follow-up more than once. Video brochures help salespeople get past “gate-keepers” and create the perfect way to get a follow-up appointment because they have to be picked back up.
  • Video brochures help built relationships. Feedback indicates people believe companies who use videos know how to better connect with them. People are impressed by video brochures. They like videos, and they respond better to companies who use videos to engage them.
  • Video brochures increase perceived value. Simply stated, video brochures make companies who use them look better than their competitors.

Get the best ROI from MediaFast video brochures

Companies who use video brochures believe they are worth every penny. In some respects, they are like having a bigger staff filled with more effective personnel because of how powerfully they affect viewers.

At MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely. Our clients consistently end up with outstanding video brochures to help their businesses, and they often spend less money than they were expecting.

To learn more about how video brochures can help your company, contact us today.

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